Late Princess Diana's Eveningwear

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Yes, the dress has to do with the Pink Ribbons Crusade. From the article: "The exhibit, scheduled to open in Long Beach, California, is being presented in association with the breast cancer charity, Pink Ribbons Crusade." The detail on the bodice of the dress appears to be made from pink ribbons.

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The tiaras shown in the pictures are all (badly made) fakes; and I doubt that the pink dress in the photo to the right above the tiara pics has anything to do with Princess Diana.
Valentino is credited with designing one of Princess Diana’s favourite dresses – a burgundy velvet dress with scallop detail on the bodice and embroidered skirt – at the height of her popularity as a fashion icon in 1992. The Princess wore the cocktail dress to several events throughout the early Nineties, including to Her Majesty’s Theatre, the Barbican and a Paul McCartney concert.

Valentino at 50 :: Harper's BAZAAR

I have recently revisited this site from many years ago. I have some changes I would like to make to my old (ancient?) post about this outfit she wore.

I cannot express how much I adore this outfit and how very feminine and stunningly attractive she always was. She has a subtle glamorous charm in this picture which truly melts my heart.

I love the rich, yet light sky blue tone to her dress. I think it really brings out the colour of her eyes too. I like the halter-neck style dress which still shows of plenty of skin yet accentuates all the right curves. I think she is a true angel as she reveals her cleavage in style and yes I think she has the body and grace to pull it off in the most flattering way.

I like the fact that this is an above the knee length summery dress that really shows off her amazing legs. I truly adore the simple classy bare legged look in a pretty dress paired with some gorgeous high heels! I love her beautiful satin blue matching heels. I like the fact that they are not fully closed but have a fine feminine sling-back strap which makes her look a little more summery and pretty. The heel height is just right. High enough to elongate her legs and increase her stature but not overly daring and attention grabbing.

This is surely my favourite outfit she ever wore and she really carried it off with true style and grace. The ultimate expression of a women and her feminine beauty that will always captivate my heart.
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When I see pictures like this one I remember again what a true beautiful and elegant women the princess was. She was born to be a princess.
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Never liked the dress- although Diana still looked beautiful. One of her rare misses. Looks like she wore her nightgown.
I think that was the idea, for her dress to have that romantic nightgown look. Her paring it with her Diamond and Sapphire Pearl Choker and Saudi earrings. She looked great and she partied with P. Diddy. She had a great night!
Boy at the time that was so avant-garde. No one like Princess Di.
I think that it's a real royal statement look, harkening back to the Tudor era. It looks over-the-top now, certainly; but at the time, I think it was simply dramatic. One writer, perhaps in MAJESTY magazine, thought that Diana was trying to appear martyr-like in her likeness to Mary Queen of Scots' apparel. Edinburgh - EXHIBITION – Mary, Queen of Scots – National Museum of Scotland | Edinburgh Spotlight

Trivia note: This was supposed to have been the night of the emergency meeting that HM called Charles and Diana together about the state of their marriage.

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Royal Flashback of the Day: November 4

I know it's a costume but I think this dress is awful. Though the colors are beautiful.
For time it was worn it was amazing very elegant

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