Late Princess Diana's Eveningwear

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Thank you for the photo with L.Pavarotti.You reminded me of a short story,which impressed me so much when I first heard it(I was a teenage girl back then):pavarotti had asked from P.Diana to share her food with him during a dinner-I guess he was provoking her-and she found the courage to refuse,very gently of course.She was so smart and really knew how to react to such challenges,imo.
Wow, Melina, Where do you know such stories from? It's really very interesting so thank you for sharing it. It's nice to know such things. :flowers:
You're welcome,Monic!That story also shows how humorous Pavarotti was.
Dear Zubiaur,the first picture is one of her best portraits,so summery.I haven't seen it before,so thanks for sharing it!
I agree with Melina - I do like Di with some flowers in her hair. And the dress is gorgeous too. :angel:
:previous: Yes, ZUBIAUR, they're beautiful. I like the last one as it's fancy enough for a real lady! I do like the top and the neckline of the dress let alone the long sleeve. The pattern is also gorgeous although a bright hue would be lovely too.
I like the first photoe.Diana dress in this photo is very stylish.I agree with you zubiaur
they are beautiful.thanks
And thanks for the info on the Catharine Walker evening dress as well. It isn't seen very often in Diana photo books, I'm not sure why.
You're welcome, Grace Angel!
But you must admit the dress is as gorgeous as many of Diana's dresses.:)
Yes, it is. Personally, I like the rarer seen dresses, although the ones where photos are more widespread are nice too.
I do like all of them but the first one is do delicate and charming - Di looks very innocent in it, especially because of the light color. Let alone the pretty flowers which are typical of her image.
I'll go for the third gown,with the one shoulder.She looks stunning.
I think Princess Diana looks the most gorgeous in the second photo.
She like a Greek goddess here
Yes. I am agree with you queenofthelight,She was like a Greek goddess .
thank you zubiaur for your beautiful photos. :flowers:
Same me, she was stuning and her jewells are beautiful too.
I think I haven't seen a blonde woman who blue and red suits her so well. Thanks for the pics!
I haven't seen the third pix. she has fantastic dress and bag. thanx very much zubiaur:flowers:
These are my favourite ones - red matches her so much! Especially when she has her nails polished in red, but not only... Thses picts of her dresses prove this.:flowers:

maryamj said:
This jewellery is wonderful, maryamj!
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