Late Princess Diana's Daytime Fashion

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thanks zubiaur​

They were very beautiful​
thank you soooo much zubiaur Photos are interesting.Especially the last
one. Popular Princess
:previous: The outfit looks old-fashioned but after all Diana couldn't put on a bit shorter skirt or a blouse with a longer collar as this style wouldn't be appropriate for the future princess at that time.

I love the two outfits - Diana looked just stunning and very attractive because of the short skirts which stressed her muscular legs.
I like the last pic specially.She looks nice.Thanks maryamj for the photos:flowers:
Princess Diana's outfits are astonishing.:previous::)
The movies are wonderful as if they include everything best of her wardrobe.:previous::angel:
Great pics,Monic!In the last one she's adorable.
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Thanks for posting the photos monic - it is really nice to see some of the photos that I had forgotten about
Thanks monic.I like specially the first pic,Diana and Michael, two myths together,they are now together in heaven:angel:
You're welcome, kathl29. I think Diana was such an outstanding human being that it will be hard to forget her merits, style and everything good which makes us think of her...

These also nice pictures, I think

Each dress has a special treat of itself. I like most of these dresses.:)
Thank you, Monic!:flowers:
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