Late Princess Diana's Daytime Fashion

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thats it, thank you. i lookd forever for that picture and i couldnt find it.
You're welcome, the outfit is really cool and the comparison that MRSJ came up with sounds very striking.
thats it, thank you. i lookd forever for that picture and i couldnt find it.

Thank you thank you bethaliz and monic! I was just about to post the white military inspired outfit but couldn't find the blue easter coats. I had combined the two in my mind.
I just loved those baby blue Easter matching coats!

She really could wear hats and took chances. The hats the BRF wear now, with the exception of the Queen, really don't seem like much.
Wow Prince William looks eerily like JFK Jr at his father's funeral in Nov 1963

That's pretty uncanny. I never noticed the similarities before.
Thank you very much for this collection of sleek, minimalistic looks from 1996/97 - again, it's quite amazing to see that practically all these styles would be applauded if any of the current Crown Princesses wore them today.
Only the experiment with the headband might be considered unfortunate IMHO.
Among the many Versace shift dresses seen above, one was actually new to me, the pale pink one in this pic:
Diana's fashion in the late 90s especially in 97 was very fashion forward. The outfits are timeless, my favorite pic is of her on Bonds street wearing the pale blue mini dress with Versace shades and pearls.
Yes Sirhon, any of these dresses could easily be worn today.
^ 1981 and 1984 were hilarious, which shows how much she learned over the years. ;) Thanks for posting this, lovely memories! :wub:
Diana's outfits as a wedding guest

Iv'e never been able to find photos of Diana's wedding guest outfits all in one place. In addition I am looking for a photo of alight blue/black color combo outfit with matching hat she wore to a wedding in the early 90's.
Can anybody help me with this?
Check the wedding threads of Lady Helen Windsor, Lady Sarah Chatto, and Viscount Linley and Serena something. There are pictures of the Princess attending the weddings.
Thanks Sirhon. I already found the pic I was looking for- of Diana attending the Dec. 1992. wedding of her childhood friend Harry Herbert on Getty. As always she looked stunning. If I knew how to post the pic on here I would!
IMO no. 95 was the start but she hit her peak in 97. Her hair was cut in a bob which made her look younger. And her outfits were just timeless. For me 1997 was her peak, she looked amazing.
Wow. Some of those outfits were ghastly. I think her sense of style got better as she got older thank goodness. Whatever happened to some of the older clothes she wore in the beginning?
I think i read somewhere, all the clothes the Royals have worn are labeled, logged and stored in the place the person lived. for example, Diana's clothes would have been stored in Kensington Palace.
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