Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 7:June 2016 - February 2017

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:previous: Hate coats that are shorter than the dress they are covering even when said dress is a very flattering pink. Like the hair (both down and up), hate the trousers (see below), adore the baroque pearls and and in dispair at the sight of the nondiscript knitted scarf knotted around and around her neck. :bang:
The HGD Stephanie today in the Home & Living Expo in Kirchberg.

She wore often these pants but don't flatter her at all!!
The top was very flattering and the trousers were in vogue 10-15 years ago and have not, as yet, staged a comeback. Fashion notwithstanding, they are ugly and do neither fit nor suit her.
The grey outfit looked lovely though her coat seems a size too small but the whole looked matched well and her hair pulled all up was lovely on her.

The outfit in France was professional, simple and suited her style.
I liked the look Stephanie chose for France. It was elegant and simple. I like the gray coat and her up-do from the engagement on the 14th, but the trousers don't do Stephanie any favors.

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The look in France is lovely. I am not bothered by longer dresses then coats. Her hair looks lovely down for once:flowers:

Her second look is almost a hit for me. The side trousers need to go. I really like the coat, though perhaps a tad tight. Her hair and accessories are on point. I actually like the scarf in this case. It is cooler by the looks, and I think the simple wool scarf us practical and looks nice with her overall look. :flowers:
The dark coat is one of the best things I've seen her wear lately.

The coat in verdun was simply awful. It was navy with big black blocks of color on the lower portions and then had a white outlined pocket on the black part. The coat was too small and the closures were pulling and obvious. In the groups picture, it looks particularly bad as her mil is wearing a nicely fitted blazer, she looks a lot better and is of course older and has a more,challenging figure to dress, IMO. I liked the grey coat and scar with the hairdo and baroque pearls.
Wide leg trousers are back in style a long with culottes. So she wore those pants long enough for them to come back in style.

Wide pants look so much better on her that straight leg pants.
The Verdun outfit was nice although I didn't like the coat's black patches and pink/white? pocket trim. Either completely black or navy would be better.

I'm undecided on the Home & Living Expo outfit because in some photos Stephanie looks very wide and in others, she's fine. Never been a big fan of asymmetry and the random black ribbon/detail is odd. However, the outfit would be perfect for a modern art visit.

The "Plant for the Planet" outfit was very good and obviously she's bundled for warmth so I'm overlooking the cumbersome scarf. This pair of pants look flared to me, not straight wide-legged. Lovely hair and makeup for all 3 events.
Coat is a lovely color on her and hair looks great :flowers:
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Stephanie's coat is beautiful, and I like her hair a lot too. Overall, she looks great!
Stephanie's coat is a lovely shade of orange. It reminds me of fall and pumpkins.

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Nice color but way too fussy a design for her, her husband coat is nice, well fitting...
The coat is nice and it's a nice on color on Stephanie. I liked her hair style.
Love the coat. The color is very fall
Her hair looks nice with the sausage curls and I like the brocade coat. Got the wide pants too but now they are in! And look ok with close fit of the jacket from what I could see
Again a really nice look. I can overlook the trousers as the coat is really nice, seems tailored and fit well. And her hair is great in curls :flowers:
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Stephanie's hair and coat are quite lovely. The coat is nice.y tailored and balances the wide trousers.

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Stephanie's hair is pretty but the outfit itself is a bit meh. I might be the odd one out, but I'm not super keen on the coat.
I agree, very dull outfit but I don't care.

I love seeing her sweet face and smile. And in my next life I want hair like that!:)
November 17 is so much better from this!!!
November 17 was a bit plain, but if the jacket wasn't so tight I'd quite like it. The blue coat over the neutral look is nice. Tightness ruins it :sad:

This last look Is a miss. Looks like she was wearing some jacket and had taken it off, and didn't get it back on before the photo. The top looks like something to wear under a blazer, not alone.
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Where does she get these clothes? She doesn't look as well dressed as the people around her, her husband or any of the group she is with. On the contrary, she should,be slightly better dressed than they are
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