Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 7:June 2016 - February 2017

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I like the color and is not so bad! But something bother me i don't know what!

Doesn't fit that well and not really flattering on her.

She has several lace dresses: blue, beige, green/grey, red/pink and that National day pale blue/grey. I think they’re on the better side of her outfits.

On September 30th, Stéphanie wore a burgundy dress with leaves (flowers?) to the 175th anniversary of the Chambre de Commerce.

ETA: Most likely the burgundy dress is a Natan design as his recent collections have a few dresses with similar leaves/flowers:
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One thing that bothers me is that the Stephanie is a girl 32 years old, but the whole look of a reference to a woman 52! And this appearance has no difference!
I like the color and is not so bad! But something bother me i don't know what!

The colour is really great on her. But the dress simply does not fit well....
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I dont see how or where the dress does not fit. IMO the dress fits perfectly and somehow looks good cut wise. The color is a bit too strong for her especially matched with such dark shoes and clutch.
i think she looks really good in these bold colours such as burgundy or blue.
The purple dress is definitely an improvement.

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I adore the colour of Stephanie's purple dress and the small black rectangles add for a quirkier and more alternative feel to it.
Stéphanie’s recent two dresses are good. While I’m not a huge fan of the black, thick dashes on the purple, everything else is wonderful.
The pale pink outfit for the mass is nice and simple. The curved seam in the skirt/dress is a bit odd but maybe the jacket is covering whatever design is on the upper part.
The pink outfit is lovely and elegant. Beautiful color.
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The pink outfit is lovely.

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The pink suit looks very pretty on Stephanie. I also really liked on burgundy Natan dress.
Stéphanie has great legs. She is much much better in dress than in pants.
The pink outfit to the mass is lovely! A nice color and a nice style which flatters her. Iw wish she would've own a brooch to slightly dress it up.
The color is great...but the style does nothing for her at all. Makes her look very broad and dumpy.

Someone please tell her to hire a stylist!!!!

I think one size bigger would've looked much nicer. I don't care for the black rectangular, they add something to the dress. Her hair looked good.
She has a great example in front of her and she's not learning, I wish she learns from her MIL
:previous: Indeed she does. She is the standard for those of shorter height or those with a little meat on their bones. She really knows how to knock it out of the park so, if Stephanie insists on dressing like an older matron she'd look a whole lot better dressing like Maria Therese.
Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 7: June 2016 -

Stephanie and I have similar body types and I know the challenges of dressing it, but she consistently picks bad silhouettes for our shared figure type.

She'd look much better in more A-line dresses and tailored trousers and jackets.

And she absolutely needs to start making sure her clothes are better tailored and in the right size. She's a pretty woman and she could hit it out of the park with the help of a stylist and a good tailor and she has the resources for that.

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She is not a girl she is a woman of 32, who dresses like a 50 year old.
That purple dress, the squares are just plain awkward :ermm:

She has some nice clothes but ver bad tailoring and sizes ruin them. Or bad grooming. Sometimes both. I wish she would get some help.
These wide trousers are so unflattering on her. She needs some well tailored trousers :ermm:

Pity as they ruin an over all nice look. I like the slightly asymmetric top, with just the touch of black, both of which add interest to a simple top. And her hair looks really nice. If she had a nicely tailored pair of black trousers, it would be a win :flowers:
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