Haakon and Mette-Marit Current Events: April 2007 - January 2013

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That is a nice color for MM. The outfit looks a little heavy. (is it still very cold there?) What was the event for? There seems to be a lot of children present!

It was probably not very warm, it is still only April, and Nore and Uvdal lies up in the mountains. The Crown Prince couple has stayed there for Easter at their new cabin.

They were visiting an elderly home, as well as meeting personally with some elderly and younger people in connection with their competition they have going, about creating meeting places between generations.

Usually there are always children present when there is a Royal visit. These were children from a local day care centre, who brought Princess-break and dinosaur-bread as a gift for the couple.


Nice to see them out and about again, they both look good and like they are enjoying themselves.
thank you for posting the pictures , there are some lovely one's
mette marit looks lovely !
Wonderful pic where you see that special look full of love from Haakon, he loves her so much it shows !
CP Mette-Marit is so beautiful, has such a good taste, I do like her very much. Thank you for the photos.
Princess Mette - Marit looks simply adorable!!! She has a very kind smile.
this photo made my heart melt! http://picture.belga.be/belgapicture/picture/prev/13410080.jpg

mette marit looks so caring in the picture. lovely to see. she really knows how to connect with people. i can now tell how she made such an impression, adjusted so well to her role and made friends so easily. she really looks genuine and down-to-earth.

This is an absolutely beautiful photo! She is a very good-hearted person. You can see it in her face and body language.
I have seen her once in person , and she really does come across as a good hearted person , who cares.
I don't know what to think about her. I mean, I heard so different things about her: about her past ( bad things), now is said she's lovely person, but my friend who lives in Norway said that MM is horrible and people are ashamed becouse of her. So where is the truth?
...now is said she's lovely person, but my friend who lives in Norway said that MM is horrible and people are ashamed becouse of her. So where is the truth?
That's the first time I ever hear that.
Of course people were sceptic in the beginning , but imo MM really developed very well.
She takes her role very serious and choses her patronages very well (her fight against Aids or the CP's couple Humanity Fund).
There's no reason for the Norwegian people to be ashamed. I have a very close Norwegian friend and she told me that the Crown Princely Couple (as well as the Royal Couple) is very well respected by the Norwegian people because of they are very down-to-earth.
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I guess you could also point out that with her continuing education she continues to grow/develop/increase her knowledge and her person.
I understand the controversy that was occurring during the engagement, but since the marriage, Mette-Marit has presented nothing short of a respectable, caring, and responsible image. I am not Norwegian, but I would be honored to have Mette-Marit as my crown-princess (I'm not saying that everyone should feel the same-this is just my opinion and perception).
Thank you. Maybe some tabloids (who have nothing to do) write all the time about her past and that's why some people are prejudiced.
The Royal couple and the Crown Prince couple do indeed have great respect from most of the Norwegian people. I really don’t understand the negativity towards the Crown Princess that I see from time to time online. Yes, she has a past, but nothing really terrible, and in any case her past only matters because it made her who she is.

She is obviously a very strong woman, and I am both proud and respectful of her. Before the engagement and the time leading up to the wedding there were many rumours all over, and quite a lot of misgivings about the Crown Prince chose for a bride.

I think what many people don’t take into account is that the King wouldn’t have agreed to the wedding, if he did not believe Mette-Marit were up to the task. The whole situation was discussed within the family and with the government.

In an interview the King has said that he had a long conversation with the Crown Princess where she told him everything there was to tell, and he answered her with “we’ll manage this” and on more than one occasion the Royal couple has said they had to trust the Crown Prince, they had after all raised him.

In my opinion the Crown Princess has shown tremendously amount of courage, love and loyalty. I am especially proud of the Crown Prince couple for their engagement in the Norwegian society and the cases they choose to front. I think the Crown Princess has proved her self more than capable.
This might be OT, so if it is please move this to a more suitable place. With the recent news reports of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico, it just dawned on me that the Crown Prince couple were there not long ago! :eek: The whole flu epidemic seems strange in many ways but I do really hope the couple didn't catch it when they were in Mexico! :nonono:
Catharina I have seen the news reports about the swine flu outbreak too and they said not to panic, so lets just wait and see what happens. I think they will be fine.
Hi, i think that the prince and princess are good in health. I am a mexican journalist and i can say to you that her was sick because people said that she ate food that they dont eat in their country. I belive that she ate " tacos de chicharron prensado" i am sorry, i dont know as i can to say in english. But, i that were near of them, i can say to you that she is very beautiful, she has a beautful blue eyes and her husband is very handsome and they were very nice. I hope that they will visit us again.
You are lucky, marian, to have seen them from so near. This is a dream of mine.
Haakon and Mette-Marit and their staff took part in the Holmenkollen Relay yesterday, their team was kalled The Crown Prince couples Court. Other famopus faces in the relay was the Prime minister and the minister of forreign affairs.

There are 15 people on each team and 20 000 people took part. Haakon said he was not happy with his own performance on the 10 leg which was about 2,5 km, when he left the realy-stick to his chief of court Randi Vesseltun, he thought he could have done better but he had high hopes in his wife who had became an eager runner the last year, his wife ran the second last lap. She said she had ran quite alot lately, and that their long time goal was to beat the team of the police, but she said her body guard did not think it was realistic.

Their team finnished 123 out 227 in theri clas: non elite - mixed class with a majority of women.

go to this link and forward to 6minutes to see a longer segment from the NRK news
NRK Nett-TV - hastighetsmåling


Lovely to see pix of her, I think we don't see enough of them !
Good for them! I think it is great that they participated in this race. Hopefully, it was fun for them and the rest of their team.
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