Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Current Events 4: February - June 2006

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Virnabrisa2000 said: /, this it is the link to see the video of place royale
Oh, I saw it. She is cute, pretty, prim, everything that is amiable and I would rather shoot myself at foot than sit next to her in a dinner party. Sorry :eek: Again, what puzzles me is that she is all smiles and giggle but H is rather gloomy, staring his shoes unhappily. Why?

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Maria Teresa through the years (from wort e-paper)







gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Is it just me or does Louis look alot like Sebastien in that second pic?

Yea they look alike. Although all of them look alike when they were just kids.
Wow, I love the pictures of very beautiful Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa you posted, Drimal! :) Especially, the third pic of her in long blue dress with the pink flower.That's the most beautiful picture of her I've ever seen! :) ;) Thank you for posting, Drimal!:p
Well, their state visit to the Netherlands is coming up in late April.
Maybe they will do something since it falls on Easter.
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Since they are so devout, I'm not sure.

Well if they are devout, Easter should be a cause for celebration. Although they are so private.
Henry during a visit to works of tunnel lorentzweiler

from cover


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i kinda like guillaume with the beard;) :D why does the family of Henri so against his marriage to MT.. if i'm not mistaken MT is quite wealthy. i've read it on this forum..pls. somebody confirm this..:eek:
Family was against mariage of Henri and MT? Why?
well, i've been asking that question also. i don't know the reason why Henri's family is against MT. i'll be glad if someone knows the reason..:(
Ok. Maria Teresa is from Cuba. But I dont know, why they didnt want her?!
In that time she lived in Switzerland, she was a student on university. She and Henri were in love.
Now she do a great work and she has five children.
So, was the reason, that MT was from Cuba?
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Well she is a great ambassador for Luxembourg and has 5 of the most wonderful kids. Plus that family seems very united, loving, and sincere. Now that speaks alot of both MT and GDH.
I like those informal pics of the family where the boys don't have their ties on.
The article includes info on Louis' son, so it must have been from around the time of Gabriel's birth. The pictures date from the wedding anniversary, though.
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
How long will they be there anyway?

The state visit should start April 24 and last through April 26. Too short don't you think?
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