Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Current Events 4: February - June 2006

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Jan 14, 2003
Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Current Events 4: February - June 2006

Welcome to Part 5 of Current News and Pictures of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe they attended the Winter Olympics opening in Turin, Italy.
TURIN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 10: Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg attends the Opening Ceremony of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games on February 10, 2006 at the Olympic Stadium in Turin, Italy.
(Photo by Pascal le Segretain/Getty Images)

Thanks for the picture. I love Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's scarf and coat.
According to my newspaper Grand Duke Henri is actually in Turin supporting Luxembourg's ice skater Fleur Maxwell!:)

Don't know if Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is accompanying him though. I hope for some nice pics.:p
drimal said:
According to my newspaper Grand Duke Henri is actually in Turin supporting Luxembourg's ice skater Fleur Maxwell!:)

Don't know if Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is accompanying him though. I hope for some nice pics.:p

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is accompanying him (check the image posted):).
It is beautiful that María Teresa accompanies her husband, in the page, the magazine brings this week the topic of the anniversary of the Dukes, and there is three pictures, and its history of love, it is beautiful, I am looking for pictures of the Dukes in the games, but there is not, to have if you have but luck.
Does anyone know why Guillaume didn't go? Is he planning on going? Maybe someone from Lux can help to answer.
TURIN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 11: Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri watch the Pairs Short Program Figure Skating event during Day 1 of the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games on February 11, 2006 at the Palavela in Turin, Italy.
(Photo by Stephen Munday/Getty Images)

Luxembourg Grand Duke Henri (L) watches the figure skating Pairs Short Program at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy, February 11, 2006.
REUTERS/Mike Segar via yahoo

Wow, the pic of Maria-Teresa and Henri is so beautiful!!:D Their 25th anniversary is upcoming on Tuesday, Valentine's Day! I can't beleive they have been married for 25 years! Thanks for the lovely pics, Purple Platinum.:)
Interview of the Luxemburger Wort with the IOC member Grand Duke Henri

Together with Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Princess Alexandra, Luxemburg's sovereign is visiting at the moment the competitions in Turin.
Earlier Grand Duke Henri, who is IOC-member since eight years , has participated at different sessions of the 118th plenary assembly of the highest Olympic group . At the edge of the couple competition in the ice skating on Saturday evening in the pretty Palavela- hall we conversed with the duke.

Monseigneur, your love to the sport is well known, in the winter you go skiing?

I like skiing, mostly with my family, the children and the Grand Duchess, skiing is fun for us.

They experienced next to the sessions of the IOC-session the inauguration, you were on a visit with different Olympic
organizations. Which are your first impressions of Turin 2006?

Turin is of course an industrial town, different quarters aren't very beautiful, one can understand that, but the Olympic sport sites are very beautifully designed. I looked at the Freestyle-skiing, that was very spectacular. Also in the halls here in Turin the athletes find good conditions.

You are regretting probably that you cannot remain to the end in Turin? Yes, in Luxembourg, the tasks are awaiting me, this Tuesday we'll go back home again, but in the four days, I look at a maximum pf competitions.

You participated in your characteristic as an IOC-member in Turin in the sessions of the plenary assembly. Rather surprisingly we learnt that the German Thomas Bach has been selected with large majority , with 57:34 votes, against its toughest challenger Mario Pescante of Italy to the IOC Vice president.
Did the IOC has the opinion that Bach was by far the best candidate?

Both were good candidates, the choice has fallen in favour of Bach.

In another vote Copenhagen was informed with the alignment of the 13th Olympic congress and simultaneously the 121st plenary assembly in the year 2009 , Cairo was in the weaker position. May one also politically interpret this vote, in connection with the caricature dispute, that caused quite a stir?

The one had nothing to do with the other one , otherwise the choice would have fallen out differently. I was
surprised that Cairo had been in the weaker position. For Africa, this would have been an important signal, I wish a larger roll of the African continent in our Olympic movement. Copenhagen has presented however a good
project and we must accept the choice of the Danish capital.

The IOC seems to have a hard time to include new sports in the program. After Singapore in the preceding year, the baseball and the Softball were rejected again, thus there figures two sport types fewer on the program of 2012 in London than 2008 in Beijing where there are 28. Why is this conservative attitude in the IOC?

We encountered the decision in Singapore seven months ago to take out baseball and Softball out of the program, we couldn't go back then. In two years, there will be again a discussion to integrate new sports into the program. I'm thinking carat and Squash which are more universal than baseball and Softball.

In two years in the session in Copenhagen, there will be made an interim balance, what concerns the reforms of the IOC, for example concerning the fight against drugs and exclusion of members which proved to be "marketable". Is in your opinion the way of the zero-tolerance how president Rogge formulates it, the right one?

There is no alternative. The interim balances in the fight against drugsis positive. At the games in Salt Lake City, numerous athletes were controlled, here in Turin there are yet more. The countries, that didn' t yet sign in the charter, are bounced to do it so that the rules are the same all over the world.

Monseigneur, you were selected eight years ago to the IOC-member, succeeding your father, Grand Duke Jean, already eight years go, one believes, it had been yesterday..


... your work in this group and also among the commission of the Olympic solidarity that you belong to from the beginning is connected with much satisfaction?

That's true. The development in the Olympic solidarity has been unbelievable for the last years , we are actually looking after a budget of more than 240 million dollars. We are distributing these sums at the different NOK's . This work gives me much satisfaction. We try to help the sport all around the world and of course in the developing countries, mainly the youth will make profit out of this.

Monseigneur, thank you very much,we wish you , Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Princess Alexandra , another comfortable stay in Turin.
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Tina said:
maybe someone can translate, what they say about their first date and how they fell in love?
Tina said:
(minute 10:00 - it's french)

Here's the whole interview in English :

The Valentin's day was pure coincidence.
"We have engaged in November", Grand Duke Henri explains " we were consulting with the parents to find out a date for the marriage and there was a State visit for the end of February. My parents said either you marry before or you marry after and we wanted before this date. We have chosen the Saturday 14th February and what did we see the other day in the newspapers the married couple of St Valentin and this has surprised us a lot."

Their first meeting.
"We have been presented by common Spanish friends who are dwelling Geneva who were good friends of my parents in law and good friends of my parents and my husband was located by them during his first year of his University studies. As we (the good friends!) have always seen us, we met a Sunday after the church all together and they have presented me their young host", Grand Duchess Maria Teresa adds.

"We have started University the same year and we were in the same class and soon by soon we have more and more appreciated and we felt in love."

"But it has been quick, it hasn't last long", Grand Duchess Maria Teresa smiles.

"One have to try in a marriage to accept the other totally and to give oneself totally too and with the time it's getting closer as at the beginning", Grand Duke Henri points out.

"We go to the cinema or we rest at home during weekend and we try every year, my husband and me, to make a journey only we two without the children. That's really our free time", the Grand Duchess explains.

The celebrations of the Silver Wedding will be a private affair. The official celebrations are postponed to next summer.
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I remember an interview of Henri in which he told they have to apply the right to hand out the medals for the disciplines they want within the IOC. Wonder if he will be the one handing out medals in ladies skating, as that is the entire extent of their sporting capability. Can it really be that they don't have skiiers or anything like that?

I saw the pictures of Marie Teresa and Henri when they were married.
They both look very young iam guessing marie was in her early 20's
Does anyone know how old she was when she married Henri ???????:)
She was married in 1981 so she is 25 years old. She will be 50 this coming March 22.
Wasn't their wedding anniversary Feb. 4?
Any new pictures of how they spen their anniversary?
I think it was just going to be a private celebration, but in June or July they are going to have a public celebration for it.
How would the couple celebrate publicly? What sort of events would take place during the summer?
You're welcome, should be exciting to know what they'll have planned for July.
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
No. They left. But hopefully they will go back for the end.

There's some changing in Luxembourg's government and Grand Duke Henri has to assent the alterations next week thus I don't think he will have the time to go back to Turin (although Fleur Maxwell is acting on Tuesday)!;)
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