Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Current Events 4: February - June 2006

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Well, the Nassau's diadème is absolutely beautiful. And duchess Maria Teresa is wearing it very proudly.
please.. can anyone post the photo where MT is wearing the Nassau's diadème thankss
Dang that thing's big! It looks nice but I think I hve to agree with some of the others that she looks better with smaller peices. The larger tiara just doesn't look that great.

from seeger


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vampireangel said:
Why are they in Galapagos?

They were in Darwin Foundation Gala.
The Great Duquesa María Teresa this very pretty one with that dress, favors him, but that is celebrated in this case?, are both very elegant, thank you to put the pictures.
The duchess is wearing such a lovely dress, if only she had it in another color!
Nobody knows if when will leave the Grand Duchess to Thailand?
The grand duchess will not be going to Thailand. She is going to attend an award.
Does anyone have more info about the Nassau's diadème ?
I looked into it but did not find anything on that diademe. Such a beautiful piece though.
The photo of the empire tiara looks even more brilliant on that website. Thanks for postin the link! I bet Maria Teresa loves the fact that after all this time of waiting she finally gets to wear it. Ah if only I were rich enough to afford something so grand. It would be the ultimate piece in my dress up collection...
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