Fashion of French, Germanic & Other Royals & Nobles Part 3: March 2019 - Nov. 2020

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Not a bad looking dress ,not overly crazy about the fringes,but the shoes are a no.
Princess Lilly at the Bulgari Milan SS 2021 event in Milan on September 25:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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Not sure about the suits Viola and Vera are wearing, they give off very 90s vibes to me.
:previous: Very elegant the Princess!

The President of the Romanian Academy, Professor Ioan-Aurel Pop, was yesterday granted the Order of the Crown of Romania, in the rank of Commander, by Her Majesty Margareta.

On Tuesday, 6 October , Her Majesty Margareta awarded, during a ceremony held in the garden of Elizabeta Palace, the certificate of Royal Supplier to a number of eleven companies.
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I like it. She has taken an artistic minimalist approach to masks and they are both functional and visually stimulating.
Hisako looks good on both occasions. I like her mask in the second photo in particular!
On Tuesday, 13 October , Her Majesty Margareta received at the Elisabeta Palace Mrs. Ana Sorina Corneanu, winner of the Award for the best Romanian play of 2019 and Master Ion Caramitru, President of UNITER.

Princess Danica attend last night at the opening of a photo exhibition


The first ever public appearance of the consort of the Sultan of Oman, Her Eminence Sayyida Ahad bint Abdullah Al Busaidiyah who awarded the Royal Commendation Medals to women who have good contributions in various fields marked the Omani Women’s Day at Al Baraka Palace outside Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Beautiful and Elegant!

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Crown Princess Kiko at an autumn memorial ceremony at the Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery in Tokyo today, October 19:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

What an elegant Lady!!

On 19 October , Her Majesty Margareta visited the 86th Air Base „Lt. Av. Gheorghe Mociorniță ”from Borcea.

Yesterday 21 October the Who’s On Next 2020 event, organized by Vogue Spain magazine, took place in Madrid. Princess Alessandra attended the event as part of the jury for the evening.
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A smart but rather sombre look for Aiko. She looks nice nevertheless and it's great to see her looking happy, despite not being able to see her smile!
Nice look. Like the skirt on her. A bit more grown up.

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Princess Sirivannavari attended at the Vogue Thailand 2020 magazine gala.


Princess Danica attend at the commemoration of the victims of revolutionary terror organized by the association "In the Name of the People ..." and the gathering of support for the civic initiative to build a worthy memorial park to the innocent victims of the communist regime on the devastated King's Fountain in Lisicji potok.
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I agree HP a beautiful photo and great colour and background.
Danica's dress looks a little like a fancy bathrobe, but otherwise the colour is nice on her.
:previous: It does, and her hair isn't helping the just got out of bed look.
Crown Princess Kiko leaving for the Rikkoshi-no-Rei events on November 8:

Crown Princess Kiko and Imperial princesses at the Rikkoshi-Senmei-no-gi ceremony.

Back: Princesses Akiko, Yoko, Hisako and Tsuguko
Middle: Hanako and Nobuko
Front: Mako and Kako


Crown Princess Kiko at/leaving the Choken-no-Gi (First audience) ceremony
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