Fashion for the little and teenage royals Part 9: April 2016 - November 2016

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Lady Louise looks lovely.

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I think that the twins looked fine with their coats this time around.
Awww, the Monaco kids are all so cute :)
I love little India's dress and the twins' adorable coats.
The Monaco kids are so precious. I love that they all appear to be traditionally dressed for the National Day.

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I love India's coat and I her shoes look very similar to Princess Charlotte's. I love that Sasha is rocking the knee high socks too!

Princess Gabriella is so cute as she always looks a bit grumpy. Love her.
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Not liking Leonore or Sofia's dresses either... it's a good thing it wasn't windy that day... they would have had a big problem...
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I think all of the Monegasque children were beautifully dressed today, but India's outfit was my favourite. I absolutely adore her coat and I think that, when paired with the white tights and red shoes, it gives off a festive vibe which made me smile!

I think the reception was on 17th November. I like that their parents are involving them with engagements they they know would interest them. There must be some perks to bring the daughter of a Prince right?

Thanks for answering. Haha, yes! I can think of more than one perk of being a prince's daughter but that's definitely one of the ones I'd add to my mental list:p
The Monaco kids are all adorable. Indua wins the day in her little red coat:flowers:
I give India and Sasha the best dressed too. Just love India,s generous skirt on the red coat. Nice to see Sasha in knee socks in traditional navy

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