Eugenie and Jack: Wedding Suggestions and Musings Thread

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MAGNIFICENT Flowers at the Entrance [fortunately] WELL 'wired in'...
Yes, the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. So far I'm impressed.

It's feels a little surreal watching this wedding. Sarah and Andrew's wedding was the first royal wedding I watched. And now I'm watching their daughter. Eugenie sure grew up fast, it seems like yesterday she was still a schoolgirl.
When will the RF arrive?
I guess the broadcast is only on the outside of rhe chapel for the arrival and leaving the scene afterwards?!
It's definitely gusty. Some of the ladies arriving are struggling to keep their hats on. But at least it's fairly sunny, and no rain (yet).
Excellent to see the vast majority of the gentlemen properly rigged out in Morning Coats, unlike the Sussex Wedding where FAR too many only bothered with a Lounge suit..
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