Danish Royal Family, Current Events 2: March 2008 - April 2010

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christian is growing up to be quite a handsome lad....i really like this family...and queen margarethe seems to be a fun grandmother
I didn't even know we have he world champion. :D

If any foreigners are interested in hearing more about the danish christmas, and what seperates it from many other countries, I'll be happy to write. :D
My father was danish, so I gow up with danish xmas tradition and I still keep it for my daughter and I think it would be great you add your information about danish tradition, I keep my grandmother's and I know nowadays some things change like the ris a la mande is last thing for dinner? I really wonder what Mary think about it and if she add any australian tradition for xmas for her kids, this would be interested to know, somebody knows anything about this?
I'd love to hear that, SarahMaria. :)

A bit too late maybe. :flowers:
Well obviously we dance around the christmas tree, and sing carols and such. (Btw the funniest time EVER tonight. :lol:) Then we open the presents right after that, while on christmas day, we often spend relaxing or going to a christmas get together. We eat Ris alá mande, a danish invention, and Æbleskiver, which doesn't taste like pancakes at all in my opion, and most families by them, they don't use a pan. :D We eat pork loin with crackling (according to the dictionary :lol: ) and some people also/or duck, and goose. red cabbage and brown potatoes are also a part of the christmas dinner. And the Ris alá mande of course for dessert, where we put an almond in the ball, and the one who gets it receive a present, often a pig of marcipan, or chocolate, etc. When there is children, many families cheat. :whistling:

To me it's so strange every time I see a christmas tree in a movie or so, because I can't help but wonder: "you can't dance around it, it's placed in the corner, what then?" :eek::ohmy::lol:

And many danish trees are not decorated as "perfect" as many american ones, they are often decorated with all kinds of ornaments, colours and shapes. :D:cool::flowers:

Merry christmas to everyone, I hope you'll have a wonderful christmas. :D
Check out the two sofa's in the Knogelig link. Yikes! I confess I find the Queen's taste really quite horrid sometimes, but I also admire her for it. I mean, they are private quaters and can be fashioned in any which way HM chooses.

Certainly outside the 'mould', is Daisy...;):)
Well obviously we dance around the christmas tree, and sing carols and such. (Btw the funniest time EVER tonight. :lol:)

I know, I went to a Norwegian Christmas party once where we danced around the tree, and I ended up wishing we had that tradition in America. :D Thanks for all the information, SarahMaria!
These children are lovely, let's hope there are more to come the same style !
I must say I do not like How Mary dress the kids, sorry to say, it is just my taste I suppose but I would like to see specially Isabella with more colourfull cloths, specially for Christmas, like a nice red dress, it is here in the US all this nice cloths for kids in Christmas colours that they made them look soo lovely, i think I should to send her the catalogue of the wooden soldier!
Tonight the Queen and the Prince Consort will host a a social evening know as "Cour Ball" for members of the Government, the Danish Parliament and Danish representatives in European Parlamient. The Crown Pincely couple, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte also will be in attendance

Manu and Muisic:
Google Traducir

Guest list
Kongehuset - Aktuelt - Nyheder

Court Ball TV2 Video:
TV 2 Video
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What an interesting sounding event, gowns and tiaras? I can't see the video. :ermm:
What an interesting sounding event, gowns and tiaras? I can't see the video. :ermm:

It is a tiara and gowns event and it looks like that CP Mary has godt a new gown in midnigt blue perhaps black..she´s wearing her wedding tiara.
CP Frederik is smashing as always in his tux..
Thank you ever so much, I can't wait for the pictures. :flowers:
Uau, Princess Marie was the woman of the Ball.
Just amazing. Prince Joaquim must be very proud of her.

Crown Princess Mary as usually very glamorous!
They all looked lovely and I'm sure it was a very enjoyable evening. For me Princess Marie was the best dressed. She looks absolutely stunning
I hate to be "Capt. Bring down" but for some reason that hair style on Pr. Mary is not flattering at all. Not to mention the too dark eye makeup.
And I loved Pr. Marie's dress until I saw all that gold embrodery on the waist. It clashed horribly with her tiara as did her fur stole. She needed silver and white to make it match. But the style of the dress was very pretty indeed as was the color of it.
And did the Queen not wear this same dress just recently??? (or maybe I just saw a picture of it recently?)
Amely, thanks for all the HQ photos. It's a rare treat.

As for Princess Marie, I actually thought her whole outfit was well co-ordinated. I liked the colour of the stole with her dress. And there's nothing she can do about her tiara: it's the only one she has, so it must be worn whenever a tiara is required, regardless of her outfit.
Thanks a lot for these stunning pictures, Amely. :flowers: Mary & Marie look amazing.
Beatiful Ladies , I am glad to see Marie wearing her new brooch.
Glad to see the stars of Benedikte (5), and the stunning turquoises of Queen MII.
As usual Mary is glamour , she wears the Elephant order and an unkown brooch to-gether.
Both Princesses were beautifully dressed. They looked very coordinated with their whole outfits.

What stood out for this occasion: Mary's eye makeup was wonderful for evening wear and Marie was showing her figure off for a change. :);):)
Watched the video of arrivals, Marie looks stunning and has an air of confidence in the way she moves. Good for her.
I'm not sure about the decorations on the front of Mary's dress. What were they? In my opinion they looked a little awkward.

Marie's off the shoulder gown had great potential, then too much. It seemed to have an awful lot going on --- the gold at the waist certainly drew attention to her slim figure, but was too much with the material gathering below and swirling around her. She would have looked more elegant with a simpler line, I think. If it was a ball, I can understand the need for a skirt that had a bit of fullness. Somehow I think it could have been achieved with less fuss.

Mary has a cool demeanor about her, while Marie clearly enjoys the flashing cameras and attention. Joachim is beaming with his beautiful wife on his arm. The way he always extends his arm to her is so gallant, I think. Frederick could take a lesson from his younger brother.
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