Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 5: May 2011 - June 2012

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Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion

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Beautiful dress. Great color and cut.

Victoria looking lovely in a pink dress at a benefit concert....the only thing I don't like about this look is she seems to be wearing nylons that make her legs seem shiny otherwise great dress :)

It's a great color but always found that the top part had a funny fit, it seems to be looser while the rest of the dress is quite fitted.
The outfit looks better without the jacket.
Love Victoria in white! The dress and jacket fit her body really well. And I don't mind the ponytail with this outfit.
One of her better outfits/suits IMO but ruined by a huge unflattering belt. Would've been nice if she matched this look with a nice brooch.
Nice dress. The colour is lovely.

I agree. Great shade of blue.
I think she wore it before, but I am not sure. Maybe while in Paris but I think that dress was a darker blue. Or maybe during her engagement days. Well the dress is lovely anyway.
I'm getting tired of seeing her in that blue dress.
It's about time she retires it or give it away.
I'm getting tired of seeing her in that blue dress.
It's about time she retires it or give it away.

Or wears it less often :D
Its a lovely dress but I agree =, we are seeing it way too much.
The color's a bit muted for my taste but I like that Daniel's tie matches her suit. What I really love is the happiness that exudes from both of them...a truly joyful married couple. They both look great.
I like the dress, the jacket is also nice but it does'nt work with the dress IMO.
Victoria has been wearing lovely dresses recently. The shade of that bright pink dress is beautiful. The style of it is nice as well.
I have to admit that I get tired of seeing Victoria's hair always in a ponytail. However, she spends an awfully lot of time outdoors and the wind would wreck her hair in five minutes if it were down. Also, I strongly suspect that her hair has a lot of natural curl in it--remember the pictures of her when she was young and naturally curly hair is very hard to manage.

Finally, I think another reason she resists layering her hair is probably spelled D-A-N-I-E-L. I'm betting he does not want her to do anything to her hair; and if he doesn't want her to cut her hair, you can bet she is NOT going to cut it.
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