Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling: June 19, 2010

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Laurent and Claire, Laurentien and Constantijn. I actually like Laurentien's dress it suits her
Laurentien looks horrible as usual!
Not sure I'm liking Infanta Elena's matador look... The cathedral looks smashing! Does anyone know which crowns are on display on each side of the altar?
Elena looked ready for a bullfight
who are the ladies with the green dress and the red dress with the fur?
Claire looks fantastic as does Laurentien - beautiful dresses so far
Now I'm watching live from SVT. Princess Christina green dress. Princess Elena of pink costume, dress like the upper part of the matador outfit.
Princess Claire is red costume very very elegance and beautiful.
Princess Mabel always sweet.
Jordanian royals have arrived
did i see prince felix of luxembourg come in after the greek royal family?
So far Princess Clarie and Tatiana are my favorites! This is so exciting!!
I didn't see Mabels dress.

The JRF (minus the King and Queen) have arrived.

Noor looks different since the divorce. Poor thing.
Princess Natalie of Berleburg and Alexander her husband. I like her dress
Martha-Louise in pink! I don't like the dress, is messy
Princess Martha Louise looks so beautiful! I love the pink!!!
Martha Louise looks fantastic!
Martha Louise looks wonderful - the pink suits her so well
martha louise just arrived in her mother's amethyst tiara/necklace
Martha Louise in a lovely pink gown and her hair is stunning! Followed by Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz. Astrid in what seems to be a pale green/gold gown
just seen princess Noor arriving for the wedding with prince rashad!!!
Martha Louise is wearing the Amethysts? I thought they were now in the possession of the Crown Princess?
Well Martha Louise is here...such a beautiful woman. Loved the color not sure of the design.
martha luise is wearing the amethyst tiara.
it looks like everyone is wearing different tiaras then the usual ones today. Good!
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