Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling: June 19, 2010

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Princess Martha Louise's is pink gown, Princess Mabel's gown is Dark blue and light blue.
My favorite dress so far Princess Claire and Tatiana
martha luise is wearing the amethyst tiara.
it looks like everyone is wearing different tiaras then the usual ones today. Good!

So far yes, lets hope it keeps up, I love seeing people with new tiaras!
Is Princess Claire wearing a new Tiara??? really good news from belgian royal family...quite unusual for them...
I like the colour od MarthaLuise's dress but not the skirt. The amethyst tiara looks wonderful on her.
Euronews showing coverage!!!!

Carl-Philip was never engaged right? British tv keep running news story about Victoria saying the wedding took the spotlight off Carl leaving his fiancee for a reality tv star.
Yes, it does look better on Martha Lou than MM - I think it works better against dark hair, it kind of gets lost amongst MM's lovely blonde locks.
Yes! Euro News is showing it but there's no comment and it's on a commercial now :(
Pink its great on Märtha Louise, but not sure if I like the dress.....
Princess Claire look beautiful:)
Mabel lokks strange as always....and nacked shoulders ???!!!
In a church ??!!!
They are saying that Victoria will wear the camoe tiara and the same veil her mother wore.
Euronews will only show clips every so often I expect

Daniel's family are arriving
Elena is really wearing the marichalar tiara? I'm not so sure
The British royals are arriving!

Yes, Melibea, I believe Elena is wearing that tiara
Here come Sophie and Edward. Sophie's hair and tiara look lovely! Dress is a nice shape but not sure of the colour
sophie has an order? I didn't know! Very nice! Not a big fan of her dress though
Sophie looks lovely! That color really suits her, very regal!
The Countess of Wessex is wearing that boring wedding tiara of hers. Dissaspointing.

But, she has been made a Dame Grand Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. How splendid, and deserved!
Sophie always looks the same no matter what she's wearing.
I think I actually like Sophie's dress. Not too sure of the color. Silver doesn't do anything for her complexion...but I like the design.
Not sure about Sophie's dress - bit bland
Sophie looks very sweet. I love the blue sash! :flowers:
Sophie is in her wedding tiara but at least her necklace is lovely
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