Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling: June 19, 2010

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Spanish Infanta Elena and Cristina are arriving!
Infanta Elena are wearing her wedding tiara and infata Cristina are wearing the Cartier Tiara, which usually is wearing by Queen Sofia.
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the infantas are arriving It seems Elena wore the Marichalar after all.
Infanta Elena and Cristina just arrived.
Elena is wearing an bolera which looks like matador's coat.
Cristina just looks wonderful in green and she is wearing the pearl tiara of Q.Sofia!!!
I CAN'T BELIEVE that Infanta Cristina is wearing THAT tiara! :eek:
Are the crown and order set out for Daniel?

Yes the crown is for Daniel and the order is Serafimerordern the highest Swedish order that will be presented to him once he is prince.
This has been a great wedding week!

Last night concerts was fantastic.

I love the children singing as the guests arrive. I see the Infantas of Spain now with Inaki. What on earth is on Elena wearing..I love the pink but not the jacket.
oh, infanta cristina in a new tiara
Elena looks nice, I think that's the Marichalar tiara? I'm not sure Cristina's wearing the Queens's large pearl tiara it's beautiful on her!
I wonder if they gave it any thought what the light blue carpet would look like in the photographs. To me it looks almost like bluish grey which is not a very flattering colour. I was hoping for a more striking, deep sapphire shade that would've made the wedding dress stand out when the couple walks on it.

Have you seen the flower arrangements inside the church? What do you think?
Cristina looks wonderful in the green but Elena not looking as good
First royal guests arrive: Elena, Cristina and Inaki. How exciting!
I agree Infanta Elena's dress is a mystery to me I don't like it
Prince Nikalaus, Tatiana, Alexia and Carlos and Phillipos. Tatiana looks lovely, no tiara. Don't like Alexia's hair
GRF arrived. Tatiana looks stunning. Her dress is to die for. but Alexia's dress could have been better.
bulgarian rf also arrived.
Prince Kyrill WITH Rosario!
Rosario and Kyril!!!!!!! They look stunning!
I always thought Royal Weddings were exciting for the 'fairytale' ordinary girl marrying and becoming a Princess. But I was wrong....have found this wedding, Daniel becoming a prince just as exciting!

The Church is beautiful...very warm and welcoming.
i love the Greek Royal Family.

Alexia and Carlo still holding hands...

And did Rosario and Kyril come in together (although not holding hands). Its nice that they can still attend the stame events and laugh. And yes, I know they have children together but lets face it...not everyone who is divorced or separated gets along.
Agree - Alexia's dress does not suit her figure as well as it could
I wasn't expecting to see Kyril! Interesting...

Everyone looks good so far!
Princess Rosario looks wonderful...
What was princess Mabel wearing? Trousers????
Yes, I believe the tiara of Elena is the Marichalar's tiara. Her dress makes me think of only one word: BULLFIGHT :lol:
OMG! Laurentien looks stunning. I love this dress. Claire looks great as well
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