Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 5: April 2013 - October 2016

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The white gown is awful to me. I find it odd.
Stunning!! Clean, simple lines suit M-M so well. The gown is by Valentino and she first wore it in 2008.
I think the see through sleeve and neckline ruin the gown. It's a shame, because the gown would be gorgeous without and MM herself looks nice.
I like the a-symmetrical see-through sleeve and general a-symmetrical line of the gown. I think the style flatters MM. It has been influenced by the design of a sari, I think.

I absolutely love the white dress with black accessories. It's the best thing I've seen her wear.
The Norwegian royal family attended the Nobel Peace Prize banquet at the Grand Hotel in Oslo

I really love this dress on MM!
Finally!! Very elegant and beautiful the Mette-Marit. The dress perfect. I had very long I had to see her so stylish!
I could not agree with you more. Each dress is quite unique and very elegant. Most of all I am impressed by her hair/dress combinations, they are absolutely on point.

The sleek bob with its centre part beautifully paired with the elegant, almost ethereal deep blue/black gown, the low ponytail with the stunning white dress with it's beautiful lines and surprisingly voluminous skirt, accessorised with a black silk and gold ring embellished headband, slim black belt and black gloves, and finally, the plain low ponytail with the gorgeous, pared down white Valentino gown.

While this year's Nobel attire was definitely an all round winner for Mette-Marit, the pièce de résistance was the gorgeous Valentino evening gown, one of the most elegant evening gowns I think Mette-Marit has ever worn. Her hair was absolutely perfect with that gown as indeed were her earrings.

Very well said, the only thing I did not like was that black/gold headband, the ends hanging down her back looked like a leftover thought on using it. If the ends had been tucked in the nape of her neck and not show, then I think it would of been a very cohesive look for her. I love that white one sleeve gown, just gorgeous on her, the straight clean lines, the color, and her hair tonight looked healthy for a change. Tonight was a winner, a long time coming!:flowers:
I love the gown she looks just so chic and her hair is perfect love it
:previous: I would have to agree. I like the casual elegance of her tiara hairstyle and the gown is quite amazing. Am I the only one wondering why she seems to be favouring pared down white evening gowns lately?

I'm not complaining (heaven forfend yet another LHOTP gown appear), just curious.
I really like the cream long gown Mette Marit wore at the Nobels. It is elegant and different.
I thought that the cream one made the wearer look very matronly. That is just my opinion and preferred the aqua one.
I thought in all the new photos she looked lovely all good choices and well suited and the red gown particularly that photo I really loved.
She looks regal and elegant in the white gown with the beautiful amethysts! Equally lovely in the aqua gown though not as regal.
Beautiful dress. But it seems too tight in the breast area. A better fitting should be welcome
I'm not a fan of the top half of Mette-Marit's dress, it's just not for me but the colour is gorgeous.
I love the dress. It's a great color.
Oh no! Way too frou frou and tight in the bodice. The sleeves look particularly unflattering.
Not her best look. Her hair should be up for this gala occasion as it is way too informal.
Not a good look at all.
And the purse is scary
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