Crown Princess Mette-Marit's Eveningwear Part 5: April 2013 - October 2016

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Not bad but someone should tell her abou t spanx
Every time I read a remark that some royal women should be wearing Spanx or some such it sets my teeth on edge.

In the '60's and '70's bras were not the only thing they burned (Well actually they didn't actually burn them, but that's a whole other story). Girdles went the way of the Dinosaurs too. And yet here we are in the 15th year of the 3rd millennium, the 15th year of the 21st century, demanding Hollywood red carpet standards for the everyday life of royal women.

Personally, I am persuaded that both the old fashioned brassieres and girdles were a lot kinder to women's bodies than Spanx and others of that ilk. These wondrous creations have returned women to mere objects, things to dress up, look at, and pronounce judgement. They also account for the re-emergence to the concept of fragile, fainting, females. Brides and bridesmaids toppling like cordwood.

Perhaps we should reexamine the need for smelling salts . . . the 21st Century kind of course. Just think of the money high-end accessory designers could make, or even jewelers, there's a whole new market opening up.

Her hair always drives me crazy- bleached out with black roots! looks so fake.
A more natural tone would be much prettier...
I am not sure about the dark roots. I have two nieces who have fair or blonde hair. One is wheaten gold and the other almost white/platinum. Both had, and still have, darker roots with their hair lightening and streaking every summer when the "dark root" effect comes back.

Perhaps MM decided her hair wasn't perfect enough, but in the following photo compilation her dire shift from wheat to platinum with a brief deja vu moment of wheat, we see her hairline and parting seems to vary from day to day and from indoor to outdoors.
With all those advisors MM has/could have at hand, the result is a desaster. Dress too tight, shoes don't match ... I am always stunned how how she manages to look that bad and how sloppy she prepares her public outings.
I love it on her and the shoes are super as well...
The shoes is ugly and the dress so tight. Even a black dress is awful on her.
In my humble opinion some of the comments on her are a tad harsh. Where is her husband, so we can talk about him from head to toe? Oh that's right, he is a male, so it is a different set of rules. I agree with the poster who said it is the twenty first century. I am not crazy about the dress, but that is my opinion. I am not the fashion police.
I think she looks lovely although I'm not hugely keen on the shoes. I like her hair despite her tiny roots regrowth.
Well least she did something with her hair .... And I like this dress when she first wore it a few years ago I didn't but it's improved with age ��
The dress is a bit of a fashion disaster for me, though that shade of green suits Mette-Marit. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous on the other hand.
Oh no! She has worn this before? I can't think of anything that would be worse for her. The dark green and black, she looks well in pastels and the shiny fabric and wide waistline with gathers! Her middle is not her best feature yet she accentuates it this way. Hair and makeup also not pretty
I don't care for this dress. It is way too dark and shiny to be flattering. I also dislike the hair bows/barettes? in her hair.
I always thought the dress was terrible.
This photo looks like it could have been taken back in the 70-80s based on the style of all 3 dresses. Honestly, I am flashing back to my prom. And MM has Farah Fawcett hair ca 1977. :whistling:

I was just thinking the same thing - I thought of all my aunts and uncles' 1970's wedding photos! :eek:
I always think she has a slight hippy feel going on

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I think she looks great and not particularly different from the other ladies in the picture.
I have always liked that dress but unfortunately it doesn't fit as nice as it did when she first wore it. I also think that was not the right hairstyle, I think her hair should've been in a bun.
MM is recycling her Emilio Pucci dress from Margrethe's Ruby Jubilee Dinner tonight for the stortingsmiddag.
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The Pucci dress in question is one of the best gala dresses in Crown Princess Mette-Marit's wardrobe. It is delicate and feminine.
I am sure she looked lovely in it.
And the dress is white which is one of Mette-Marit's most flattering colors. I hope we get to see some pics of it!
And the dress is white which is one of Mette-Marit's most flattering colors. I hope we get to see some pics of it!

there are two photos of MM at the link.
Both of which were taken in 2012! I hope to see the recent ones taken today. :)
Both of which were taken in 2012! I hope to see the recent ones taken today. :)

No, both were taken tonight. You can tell because Haakon is carrying his aunt's purse (plus she is with them) and he is wearing the Norwegian Royal Order. Plus the palace in Oslo looks different from the palace in Copenhagen.
I love the white dress. She looks great.
the white dress is a beauty.
Dont like her hair though.
Whatever the year, she looks stunning! Love everything about her look.
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