Crown Princess Mary's Eveningwear Part 19: November 2018 - November 2021

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Not a fan of pants being worn at evening events and the top part of the outfit is really nice.
Usually not a fan of jumpsuits but this one is a winner!

Perhaps I like it because it does not really look like a jumpsuit lol
I think Mary looks wonderful! Very chic and elegant.....and completely appropriate for the event and dress code given what others were wearing. She looks more formal than the Queen whose dress looks like a daytime dress IMO. Pantsuits are appropriate for formal events in the 21st century. Glad she, and some others, are not bogged down by antiquated notions of what is formal. Keep dragging the monarchy into modern times Mary!!
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Mary looks great! Jumpsuits are fashionable and chic. The pants are flowy and the top is lovely with the iridescent material which gives it a nice elegant touch. Love the bow! Completes the outfit IMO. There is absolutely noting horrible/terrible about that bow IMO.
As a total look from head to toe I think she nailed it 100%.
Crown Princess Mary looking great in red at an award ceremony in Copenhagen this evening, November 2:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Fantastic in red! Such a classic dress
Wonderful colour and look on the Crown Princess.
It looks like the red Raquel Diniz dress she wore a few times before? Just replaced the original fabric belt with a black belt?

Black and red is very glamorous, but I think I prefer the original pairing
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