Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 2: June 2007 - March 2008

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Those shoes are horrible. I'm sorry I usually like Mary's freshness with her style but not this time. Mary has very nice legs but they look like stumps.
The skirt (or is it a dress?) is really cute. I like the detail on the bottom of it. The shoes are terrible, and Mary doesn't look that great. Her face looks tired. I guess we all look tired in photos at one time or another.
I don't think it was the shoes fault. I think those stupid opaque stockings are the ones making her legs look like stumps and her shoes are just adding to the stumpiness!
As for her hair, maybe she took a nap with the kids before she left, woke up late, and just ran out of the house? Hee! Hee!
She looks tired, and I don't like the shoes one bit....The black stockings also aren't too good...
Not at all, Amelia. I like them, and I like the stockings as well.

I've noticed a few times over the years that frequently, following CP Mary's wearing something different or a little out of the ordinary, that by the next season, it's commonplace. I don't like her every choice, but I do admire her style - she's something of a trendsetter in my opinion, or at least aware or every new fashion nuance.

As for her hair - perhaps she's attempting another style? I know that it can be a little awkward when trying to grow out a fringe or shorter front pieces.

If she looks drawn and tired (though she doesn't to me) maybe is just tired. It happens.
Oh dear, I guess I'm alone in my love for the shoes. :sad:

Actually, I don't think the shoes are that terrible. I should have said that they look wrong with this outfit and stockings. Maybe they would look better if she wore them with a different outfit.
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Amelia I think the shoes just don't look ok with such a classic outfit. I have to say they are not my fav style of shoe at present but given the correct garments I could see them really working.
I think the shoes and the jacket brighten up an otherwise far too dark outfit. The black top, skirt and stockings were just too much for me, the shoes made it not look like she was in mourning, and I really like the style of shoes also so I hope she wears them again with a brighter outfit.

By the way, the photo of couple is from this past Easter service (you know the one in which they left early along with the Prince Consort.)
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