Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 14: May 2018 - September 2021

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From the article a cute story
"Everybody can do something
Crown Princess Mary illustrated through a fine story about her son Prince Vincent, how small actions can lead to something much greater.
The story was that Prince Vincent on his way to school told his mother that he did not think it was okay to throw waste into nature. And that Crown Prince Frederik had shown his son that one might point out if that happens. " :flowers:
From the article a cute story
"Everybody can do something
Crown Princess Mary illustrated through a fine story about her son Prince Vincent, how small actions can lead to something much greater.
The story was that Prince Vincent on his way to school told his mother that he did not think it was okay to throw waste into nature. And that Crown Prince Frederik had shown his son that one might point out if that happens. " :flowers:

I love that Vincent is so concerned about littering and the environment. IIRC, he wants dad to make it illegal to do when he becomes king.
Is that Mary in the Kermit costume?!?
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:previous: Definitely not!

Had a better look in the fashion thread.
That outfit needs to burn, don't suit her and it distracts. - And I get weird images in my head!

Mary's green outfit has attracted the attention of Daily Mail as well:


She only needs the buns then we have a princess Leia in green. - An environmentally conscious princess Leia perhaps?

The sooner this is erased from our collective memories, the better.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #38, 2018.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

As you know Mary had to step in for her husband and go to Finland on a commerce visit.
The visit was divided into two parts: The capital Helsinki, with the focus on city-development using environmentally friendly solutions and implementing them into the future city-planning.
The second part took place in Turko, with particular focus on the maritime industry there. Finland build among other things oil rigs and cruise ships, some of them are very big!

Mary's job here was to attract attention and be a living "connector" between Finnish and Danish companies. - It's simply taken more serious when a royal tags along or when a royal is present when cementing the deals. Not least because the heavy brass from the various businesses invariably show up when there is a royal around. Mary's presence is also a quiet little stamp of approval, or rather reliability in regards to the business deal.

At the end of the second day our reporter caught up with Mary, who said: "I think it's been a really good visit. It has been exciting and inspiring and it's always a great pleasure to see what Danish businesses have to offer worldwide and to see the innovative and new-thinking solution which the world needs. It's also a joy to experience that we work together with others who are equally-minded and who have the common goal to meet some of the challenges the world is exposed to.
It's a longer story we mark with this visit. Not only the strong bilateral relations we have with Finland but also the 100 years for the diplomatic relations between our two countries. (*) I think there have been many comparisons in regards to our values, with our ways of life and also in regards to our thoughts about the future and that creates a really good synergy for creating an even better and stronger platform for a co-operation. It's also been nice and amusing to talk about what we have in common, but also about what separates us."

The visit started in Helsinki where Mary showed up in a design by the Finnish design-business Andiata, a "rose-cloud suit" to be correct.
After be presented with flowers and welcomed at the city hall and subjected to making a dessert, which Mary freely admits is not her strong point, it was time a for a gala dinner in the evening, at Finlandia Hall.
Here Mary gave the main speech, including bits of Finnish. (Which can be pretty daunting when you first read it!)
"Distinguished ministers, my ladies and gentlemen. Good evening. Hyvää iltaa.
What a day we've had and the schedule for tomorrow will no doubt be just as eventful. First I will from my husband convey the warmest greetings and express his regret that he had to send me in his stead - no, he didn't actually put it like that. Unfortunately he cannot be here, but fortunately he is fine. I know that he had looked forward to this important visit. So, here I am. Amusingly this is my first visit to Finland and I can say that it's a big pleasure to be here and experience the incredible Finnish hospitality and the strong Nordic friendship.
I will ask you to raise the glasses and toast with me for the Finnish-Danish friendship. Kippis!"

The next day it was off to Turko, where Mary among other things visited the Meyer shipyard and here she placed a memorial plate in the pavement in front of the museum Forum Marinum, among other plates laid there by prominent guests.

Controlling 10 % of the worlds maritime shipping Danish businesses have considerable interests in shipyards, especially if they are pretty much located in our backyard.

But see this weeks issue of BB here:

(*) As you may recall Finland belonged to tzarist Russia until the Russian Revolution and it became independent after a short civil war in 1918.
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Cute start of her speech, mentioning Frederik and trying some Finnish

Mary starts her trip to New York today. Tonight a reception for Women Deliver. Women Deliver is a global organization that focuses on the rights and health of girls and women. The Crown Princess was patron of the most recent large Women Deliver conference, which took place in Copenhagen in 2016. In addition to that, The Crown Princess is an Influencer for Women Deliver’s Deliver-for-Good campaign.
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:previous: Thanks iceflower, polyesco & Muhler! :flowers:

Well, I almost never reads DF articles when it comes to other than the BRF, and I'm already regretting reading this one.

Quote from the article:
But Princess Mary of Denmark took time out of her hectic timetable to share her patriotic side as she cracked open a can of Carlsberg - one of Denmark's most famous exports - from her adopted home country on Tuesday.

And even worse, they repeat it 8 times. :bang::bang:

But they refer to her as ''Crown Princess'' when they're not mentioning her name. - Hmm??????????
Yes, the DF and some of their so-called journalists are really a mystery to me, especially when it comes to how they're using their heads.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #39, 2018.
Written by Marianne Singer.

As you know a number of close royal friends of M&F also went to New York to among other things attend a meeting of the UN General Assembly.
When our reporters met Victoria she asked them to say hi to Mary. (Victoria is popular in DK, and as such gets a good and positive coverage here.) Becuase only an hour later Mary together with the Danish PM was to attend a dinner with the Danish UN ambassador.
Unfortunately their busy schedule prevented Mary and Victoria from meeting. At least for a longer meeting, they have no doubt met briefly.

In fact Mary had arrived in New York only a couple of hours before the dinner.

The PM, Lars Løkke, praised Mary to the sky and commended her especially for her commitment to women's rights, which he said was very much a Danish foreign political issue. - I.e. Mary speaks on behalf of the Danish Parliament, and not only herself, when she opens her mouth and say something about women's rights.
Mary's schedule was packed with meetings and networking, but as usual there was also time to help promoting Danish businesses. One of them being an architect firm that was opening the first office in the hip neighborhood of Tribeca. (Have no idea where in New York that is located though.)
And since PH is no more, it befell on Mary to present the Prince Henrik medal to a Danish business located in USA that has distinguished itself - and Denmark.

And this covers Monday, I guess Tuesday is covered in next issue of BB.

Anyway, here is this weeks issue:
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Unfortunately work has an annoying tendency to get in the way of important things, like translating an otherwise interesting interview with Mary about what she was up to while in New York recently, visiting the UN.

So here is a brief summary of an interview in Billed Bladet #40, 2018.
Interviewer: Marianne Singer.

Mary is a member of the international panel; High-Level Task Force for ICPD.

Q: Why is the struggle for girls and women's rights still equally important to You?
Mary explains that girls are women are instrumental in order to create a sustainable development worldwide.
Even though there has been much progress a lot is still needed, especially in regards to a world in rapid change with more long-lasting conflicts, where women are particularly vulnerable.
(Women and girls are especially targeted in warfare. Both in order to create as much devastation and physiological scars as possible. But also to keep your own side fighting... - Because what will happen to our women, if the other side, whom we have terrorized and raped, win?)
Also in regards to the climate changes are women's right crucial. Women are particularly vulnerable to such changes.
(When the economy of social structure is strained or breaking down, women are even less prioritized in regards to education and girls are even more at risk of becoming a "merchandise" directly as well as indirectly.)
The solution and aim is offer equal opportunities for women and also for girls to educate themselves. That benefits everyone, themselves, their families and their countries.
(Indeed! The areas under the control of such entities as the Taliban and ISIS must be extremely wealthy, since they can afford to discount half their talent mass...)

Q: How has Your work developed since You entered the royal stage?
Mary replies that there has been a natural development for her since she began this commitment some 15 years ago and as she learns more about the many aspects that is connected to women's rights.
"This week for example we have talked about women in crisis situations, as refugees, or about how the private sector must be a part of the development and invest in and contribute to an development which also benefits girls and women. You cannot talk about sustainable development or inclusive growth without talking about girls and women. So in that way my role has become broader and has changed, and I speak on different platforms today..."

Q: You still have a great passion for the subject?
"Absolutely" responds Mary. Who has a strong belief that the world will become a better place if women has equal opportunities.
That is far from being the case worldwide and in some places the situation for women is almost unbearable to contemplate. And that must be changed.
She does however go home optimistic and with a number of specific ideas she will work on.

Q: Have You enjoyed Your visit in New York?
She has. Admitting that is has been a busy schedule not only encompassing women's rights but also green energy, sustainable architecture and circular economy.
(Which I must confess I'm not familiar with.)

Q: Do You become proud of representing Denmark, when You hear how much Denmark is a pioneering country for among other things gender equality and green solutions?
Very much so, is Mary's reply.
"Denmark has been a champion because we are a very equal country and we know from experience that that an equal country provides more opportunities inclusive growth and for a well-functioning country in progress. And Denmark is a country where both men and women gets the opportunity to reach their full potential..."
(Emphasized by me. And I will add that it IMO not only applies in gender equality but also economic equality. I.e. income.)

- Well, as you know Mary is not someone to be brief, when she has a message to put across! But I hope this brief summary nevertheless made sense to you.

And here is last weeks issue of BB:
Mary is a member of the international panel; High-Level Task Force for ICPD.
Was a member 2012-2016. :flowers:

H.K.H. Kronprinsessen | Kongehuset

"Medlem af det internationale panel High-Level Task Force for the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), 2012-2016"

The panel was set up for 5 years, co-chaired by former Finnish President Tarja Halonen. Her CV mentions the same period.
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