Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 14: May 2018 - September 2021

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Sustainability, the environment and carbon-neutral solutions is very much M&F's thing these days.

They can hardly put a foot wrong here, because it's something that has the full backing of all political parties and every interest-organization you care to mention.
Which allows them to be pretty political in their speeches and statements.

Here is a BT article about Mary's stilettos and how high they are...

Of perhaps more immediate interest to this forum are the photos:
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She looks every inch A Princess in an effortless way.
On 17th September Mary will inaugurate the Australian War Memorial In Denmark.

That will take place in the Churchill Park..

- That park is located next to Kastellet, the military HQ of Copenhagen and where Mary has frequently been seen jogging.
The park is also the home of several more Allied war memorials.

As quite a few Australians served in the RAF during WWII, some who whom would have flown over DK and some may have been shot down over DK and killed, captured or assisted across to Sweden by the Resistance, it is only fitting with a memorial in their honor, and indeed inaugurated by the permanent Australian ambassador to DK, Mary.

The monument will also honor Australian war deaths in WWI.
Also fitting I think, since a number of Australians live or study in DK. Now they have a place to gather at ANZAC Day.

After the inauguration Mary will an information-center to Danish foreign deployments since 1948.
Some 60.000 Danes have served abroad since 1948, many several times. (The total number of deployments now exceeds 200.000.)
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Some nice words from the prime minister on Mary (nice pic too)

"The fact that we have a Crown Princess, who will also attend a summit in Danish Industry, shows something about what we can do in Denmark - that we across companies, including employees, the royal family, the political at Christiansborg can stand together on both Danish values ​​but also Danish exports, which are just fantastic in their own unique way,"
Another article with video

"Today I recognised - together with PlanBørnefonden and students from Nærum Gymnasium – the UN International Day of the Girl Child – a day which is about fighting for the respect of girls’ rights. The focus today was on education. Faridah from Uganda and Lidya from Ethipia joined us online and they answered our questions on what school and education means for the future of girls in their respective countries. It means everything! They told us about the dire consequences for girls and young women that COVID19 and the closure of schools has had and continues to have. Consequences not only related to education but, also to an increased risk of sexual assault, violence, early marriage and teenage pregnancies. One thing that struck me during our conversation was that school for girls and young women in their countries is not just about getting education, it is also about being safe. In schools they feel secure and protected. We were all impressed and inspired by Faridah and Lidya’s determination not to give up – and to continue fighting for their own and other’s rights and future. As Faridah said: “I will not be a victim. I have decided to fight for change.”
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Some nice pictures from today’s first event:

Marys bright smile lights up a otherwise dark day


Second event today

HRH the Crown Princess Mary attends marking of the 50th anniversary of the New Little Belt Bridge. Gl. Havn, Middelfart.


Video, pictures and article:

Article with picturesødselarens...sen-fik-hilst-på-broen-til-lands-og-til-vands

Despite heavy rain Crown Princess Mary was in a brilliant mood and didn’t mind the cold weather. She participated in a warm raincoat and hat with great engagement and bright smiles in the event, which, however, had to cancel parts of the day's programme due to the heavy rain.

More pictures from the second event:


A gallery with some nice and relaxed pictures from the ‘private?’ lunch and sailtrip:
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Mary's appearance at the Copenhagen City Hall highlighting equal rights as specified by the UN, which also encompass sexual rights, was unintentionally very current.
Because the mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, was MeToo'ed Monday, where he resigned as a mayor and from politics.
I will not go into the details, nor the who, why or whether it was justified, that would merit a whole thread in it's own right!
But right now we are having a second MeToo wave among politicians.
Only last week a party leader was resigned, and his successor, a woman, may not last long in her new post.
Today another politician was resigned from his posts...

- So right now politics in DK is... interesting... to follow!

However, my point is that Mary knew them, and she will know those who about to fall next, because there will be more.
These are people, men who perpetrated and women who helped covering it up, who all, no doubt wholeheartedly and sincerely, have lend both political and moral support to Mary when she has been representing DK (and herself) in speaking up for women's rights in DK and abroad.
Well, I have no idea about women's fashion so I can give my unbiased opinion:

It's dull! Boring! Black in black. ? And I thought girls outgrew the combination of skirts and leggins (I think it's called) at around age 8.

And the dresses on the rack, there are shut-eye-dolls who wouldn't be caught dead wearing it!

If this is the produce of the prize-winner, I hate to see the losing contestants contributions. :ohmy:
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