Crown Princess Mary and The Mary Foundation : 2007 - 2024

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New pictures. Mary is such a dedicated woman. One day I really hope that Isabella and Christian can meet the big purple bear. :flowers:
Beautiful pictures of Mary at this event. I think in the coming year or two christian will be able to attened since he would be old enough which would be nice to see. Mary looked like she was having a good and a fun time around all the children. It was good that it was a sunny day.
I have always admired the work that Mary and the Mary Foundation have done to promote anti-bullying. Thank you for the links, Paty!
Looks like another wonderful event for Mary. All the pictures are wonderful. Thank you for translated the speech Paty, it's beautiful. :)
BT is running some of the parts of an upcoming interview with Crown Princess Mary about her work with the Mary Foundation:
Mary: Her er mit livs store projekt - Royale -

Mary says that the work she does to help vulnerable groups and individuals in Danish society really affects her.
From the translated article:
I still learn more about the courage and the will. And I learn about how important community is. And how much a good start and a new opportunity means to us humans.
Here's the ppe gallery from today:

Princess Mary at a conference for Stop bullying at the City
Hall in Gentofte, October 7, 2009:

** ppe gallery **
The article says that Mary has been very busy lately. Yesterday, she attended the opening of parliament, and today she attended the anti-bullying event. This event was created by the Mary Fund and Save the Children as a way to prevent bullying.
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Wonderful pictures, Marry has been doing a lot lately, but still finding time to support her husband. :flowers:
I love Mary's last outfit,It's stunning.
Perfect shoes.She has very beautiful legs.

The outfit worn for the opening of the danish parliament is also lovely but I agree that it's not her best look for that occasion.
Mary is always lovely with hats but this time I think her hat seems too big.
Nov 18, 2009
The Crown Princess takes part in the Mary Foundation's conference about violence in relationships in The Black Diamond in Copenhagen.

Mary's speech from today. Very well written, abit too long but all important parts were said.
original ** Translated
Lovely photos thanks Paty.
Realtionship violence and bullying are world wide problems. It great that Mary involved with these issues
I also really like the fact that Mary is involved in an anti-bullying campaign. Bullying seems to be a growing problem, and it is great to see a royal taking this on. She looks really lovely in these photos.
Crown Princess Mary and the Mary Foundation, will received today the Rasmus Klump Award, for her campaing of Anti Bulling. The event will take place at Tivoli.

While we wait for the firts photos, here is the history of the Award
The originators of the Rasmus Klump cartoon character. - Rasmus Klump Familierestaurant
Rasmus Klump Award - for people or organisations whose work had complied with the philosophy of friendship and loyalty in the Rasmus Klump stories. And which set an example for Danes. The first award went to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark at Copenhagen City Hall in 1996.


Photos: Polfoto

Crown Princess Mary Speech
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Mary looks radiant today :whistling::p
Thank you for the pictures, my favourite is her with the big bear.
Thank you soraya for letting me know!:flowers:
I just wondered, because the photographer pictures her belly. ;)
It is always nice to see Mary at events with children. She looks more natural then.
I think she looked so beautiful.
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