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A note from Mary regarding tomorrow's conference
"Sit with the final preparations for our and the Ebbefos Foundation's conference on youth and loneliness tomorrow in Odense. We must hear the young people's own voices and gain new in-depth knowledge. I am really happy about the great support and that the whole hall tomorrow is full of people who work with young people on a daily basis and who, like us, are keen to find new ways for change. I look forward to".
- H.K.K. The Crown Princess"
Even though Danish and English share quite a few words and the sentence structures share similar same rules, (*) it is no mean feat to prepare a text in Danish. Even for someone who has been living here for most of her adult life. Danish is after all "only" Mary's second language.
Spelling and grammar is of course different, not to mention that we have three more letters and many more vowels than English.
What really must be a major challenge for Mary (and everybody else) are the sayings, phrases, slang etc.
And the fact that I dare say it's virtually impossible for a Dane to say ten sentences in a row without including at least one example of irony. It's so ingrained in our language and culture - and quite notorious too I'm afraid.
Here Mary's Australian background must come in handy.

Anyway, I understand from foreigners that Danish grammar is relatively easy, but spelling and our numbers is a major challenge.

I won't be able to say whether that is correct, only that Mary is doing very well!

It's still interesting to compare her to our Marie. I don't know about Marie's mastery of written Danish, but she sure mastered spoken Danish to the level where she could easily keep up with us natives in conversations. And her pronunciation is very good.
She has reverted a little, I noticed. No doubt from spending so much time in France.

(*) Example: Den røde båd sejlede altid mod øst = The red boat always sailed towards east.
It still makes perfect sense in Danish and English if I write this instead: Altid mod øst sejlede den røde båd = Always towards east sailed the red boat.
That's far from the case in all languages.
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Next week Mary and the Mary Foundation will pack/hand out back-packs again that contain various items for children of mothers who seek refuge at women's shelters.

Today Crown Princess Mary sent a message about it.

** instagram video **

Greetings from children at the crisis center ��

Each year comes approx. 2000 children in a shelter with their mother. Often the children do not have anything with them.

That's why we in the Mary Foundation, together with Ole Kirk's Foundation and LOKK - National Organization of Women's Crisis Centers, distribute backpacks with, among other things, clothes, toys and books for the children.

In the rucksack is a postcard where the children can send a greeting back to H.K.H. The Crown Princess and the Mary Foundation.
:previous: what a great thing they do. It gives the kids some comfort in such a difficult time.

One of the comments on their Instagram that stood out for me "Those bags mean a lot to the children coming to crisis centers. My kids still have theirs even though it's been 8 years since they got them."

Such an impact!
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Such a great initiative. Giving some comfort in a distressing time.

More pictures and information
"- We really appreciate the Royal House and especially the Crown Princess. After all, she has helped pack for many years, says Villy Markmann, who has previously drunk coffee and talked with the Crown Princess:
She is very down to earth and straightforward - very, very easy to talk to. She has a good heart - she must have that, otherwise she wouldn't start something like this, notes Villy Markman."
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Is that the tennis club Isabella attended/still attends?

I recall a few years back, there was a coverage of Holger Rune, the tennis player, in his club, and Isabella was there as well. Looking very admiringly at Holger.
Whether she had a little crush on him or whether she just idolized him as a tennis player is an open question. He wasn't that big an international player yet, back then.
Anyway, I can't remember the name of the tennis club she was a member of. Only that is was somewhere north of Copenhagen city.
Mary today received the French Minister for National Education and Youth, Gabriel Attal.

"he minister has come to Denmark to get inspiration and input for the work of fighting bullying and creating better wellbeing in French schools.
At today's meeting we talked about the Danish approach to bullying and how we at Mary Fonden work to support positive inclusive communities as a way to prevent bullying and support wellbeing. We talked about, among other things, Free of Bullying, which we have developed and are running together with Save the Children. 15 years ago the first kindergarten came along and today Free of Bullying is out in more than half of all day care institutions. We are very proud of that, and glad that other countries find our approach inspiring."

what a great testament to Mary and her foundations work.
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I had to call my therapist after seeing the personage to the left in the group photo. I don't know what possessed him to wear high red pants.
Back in the day that would have earned him (very deservedly) several years of hard labor on the penal colony on Christiansø.

The very youthful French Minister for Youth and Education looked dapper, as we can expect from a Frenchman. :cool:
(It is as we all know a hard fact that people from France wouldn't dream about taking out the garbage before first having changed clothes in order to looking suitably presentable lest anyone - or anything - should see them.)

Mary's looking great too

It is to put it mildly not particularly clear what the whole thing is all about.

In short: It's about involvement in neighborhoods.
That is in everything from getting involved in larger administrative decisions regarding the neighborhood to organizing local events and start local initiatives, like cleaning up discarded garbage, painting the playground and whatever you may come up with in regards to the local neighborhood.
But also in keeping an eye on elderly, infirm or people who are for whatever reason isolated or seem isolated or lonely.

This I suspect is mainly aimed at social housing neighborhoods including not least ghettos.
It is no secret that it's women who organize things when something is to be done, it's women who network and keep an eye out for each other. Especially in immigrant heavy neighborhoods. And that's an area that the Mary Foundation has been involved in in the past.

Now, social housing has a certain stigma to it in many countries and to an extent also here in DK, depending on the neighborhoods.
Some social housing neighborhoods are very sought after though.
In DK social housing (almennyttige boliger) are neighborhoods where the social services have disposal over a quarter of the homes, depending on the needs. The aim being to avoid people with social issues to congregate in certain neighborhoods. That cannot be completely avoided of course so certain neighborhoods are labeled ghettos or borderline ghettos, where only a X % can be immigrants and only an X % can be on welfare and people who have a job take first priority.
Again, the aim is to spread immigrants and people on welfare as much as possible and as thin as possible.

However, while some social housing is very affordable, most are pretty expensive if you don't get subsidies to help covering the rent, and people who have a job and steady income usually don't get any subsidies, so it's very often much cheaper and more profitable to buy your own home rather than rent your home. Which is the reason why somewhere in the order of 60-70% of all Danes are homeowners.

Interesting, it's the first time to my knowledge that Mary has visited a (employee) union.

It is important not to stereotype people and as you know I never do that but BUPL used to be a gathering of longhaired and bearded people of all sexes and in between, wearing lilac headscarves, purple very worn pants, sandals and knitted sweaters, whose political sympathies were generally believed to lie somewhere to the left of Karl Marx.

Not so much anymore. Now they are mainly tree-hugging hippies.
In other words: The average kindergarten teacher and pedagogues.

Having said that. IMO it's about time a senior member of the DRF visit a workers union. It will provide them with a different perspective. - Even though Mary in this case is merely talking shop, because it's the members of BUPL who on a day to day basis implement the thinking and the principles behind Free from Bullying etc. that has been introduced in various forms in practically all schools and kindergartens in DK.
"Today we held the annual Christmas reception for our partners at Mary Fonden.

It's a day I look forward to every year. Because it’s an opportunity to meet and thank all those who have contributed to our work in the past year, and who are fighting for the same we do; a community where more people feel belonging.

Everyone who joined today has a role to make sure we can continue to strengthen children's communities and wellbeing, that we can help young people out of loneliness and fight domestic violence.

Some are new faces, while others have followed us for several years - yes even since the Mary Foundation was established.

Thank you to everyone who participated in a lovely afternoon and thank you all for your commitment to the Mary Foundation. ”

One more picture in the DRF gallery.

A nice tradition with Mary's foundation, highlighting her collaborators.
And how cute that we now know some of the deserts were made by Vincent
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Mary has participated in a message by the Mary Foundation:

** instagram video **

What do we humans need most?

Our answers are different, but they have something in common.

We need each other ❤

This is the core of the Mary Foundation's work. Because people need people.
Well, that's two catching catchphrases one can hardly disagree with.
The Mary Foundation announced today that Crown Princess Mary "has this year distributed the foundation's special donation to Offsides Social Gardens":

** instagram post **
The Mary Foundation shared a beautiful new photo of Mary today and posted Mary's review for 2023:

** instagram post **

"Time is a special dimension. The more years you have covered, the faster the next year seems to go by. At the same time, over time you become more and more aware of how valuable every moment - and every year - is.

The transition to the new year is always an opportunity to stop and appreciate everything that has happened during the year.

Now Christmas is at the door. At the Mary Foundation, we will soon close 2023 and go on Christmas break with gratitude for all that we humans can do when we do it together. We need each other if we want to succeed. With the warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

- H.K.H. The Crown Princess.
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