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More of the work behind the scenes (which I think there's quite a lot of):
The Mary Foundation's Facebook page informs us that Crown Princess Mary and director Helle Østergaard today visited the organization 'Children and Youth in Violence Homes' to a talk about the joint work to break the silence about violence and support children and young people to a life without violence.

No pictures though.
Mary's today's event ; HRH Crown Princess participates Monday, March 2, 2015 in language conference "Give the language growing pains" with Mary Foundation.

More information on the event from

Thanks Dazzling and Iceflower :flowers:
Today's sold-out language conference is organized by Mary Foundation together with Aalborg University on the basis of the worrying results which the Mary Foundation's project 'ReadPlay' has shown the previous years. Results which are followed by researchers from Aalborg University. The conference and its results about the 0 to 6-year-olds language challenges was covered this morning in Go'Morgen Danmark (our daily live morning programme) and in the serious newspapers as Politiken and Berlingske. Mary spoke as chairman of the Mary Foundation together with experts and researchers during the conference.

I think Mary does an impressive (and refreshingly modern) work in her role as Crown Princess. No "just" meeting up and smilingly cut the red ribbon to some exhibitions. Today's sold-out conference in Copenhagen is the Mary Foundation's own work along with Aalborg's University. I read a comment somewhere: When people questioning the monarchy and its functions in todays modern society I refer to the Crown Princess' work. Me thinks it's cool to have a royal whose work actually reaches out to the general Dane's dailylife.

We know that Free Of Bullying is integrated in half of all Danish kindergartens and after-school clubs. ReadPlay is so far integrated in nearly a thousand kindergartens.

A longer informative article about today's conference:
Børnehavebørn læser sig til mindre ulighed | Kristeligt Dagblad

The daily morning programme "Go' Morgen Danmark" on TV2 had a longer feature about the subject this morning:
Nedslående tal: Derfor skal du læse højt for dit barn | GO'

Information and today's programme from Mary Foundation's website:
Sprogkonference 2015 |

Mary's speech at todays conference:

Sprogkonferencen "Giv sproget vokseværk!" |

Google translate:
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #10, 2015.
Written by Marianne Singer.

As you know from previous posts :)flowers:) Mary attended a conference about developing the language and use of language for children and that incorporates the ReadPlay concept of involving the children in stories they read or have read to them in order to train and teach them to develop their own language and abilities to express themselves.

That includes Mary's own children. The conference was about children aged 0-6 years old but even though both Christian and Bella are older, she uses a modified version of ReadPlay on them. She explained: "Well, I'm no expert in children's language development but I'm very attentive about their language and I'm very much inspired by ReadPlay and the dialogical reading (The word is, I think, so technical and new that it doesn't even exist yet officially in Danish either) which I apply in my personal way at home. You can work out from dialogical reading, so you use repeating and you read in a way to include the children.
And when they get to know the story, you can ask what will happen on the next age. You ask open questions like what does that word mean? So I don't use it in the same way as the pedagogues but I have been inspired to read in another way with my children than I did beforehand". (*)

Mary goes on to explain that she feels her children has a better command of their language now: "They can more clearly express their thoughts, emotions and wishes with words and that makes it easier to solve problems and challenges, but also (easier) to take part in their joy and enthusiasm".

The article also tells us that Bella in particular loves to have one particular story read to her again and again. - Well, something I believe must of us parents are familiar with...

(*) Incorporating things like ReadPlay in the goodnight-reading is fine, but we should also keep in mind IMO that the children in particular love it because it's such a great quality time with their parents and the sense of "comfyness" is more important to them than the actual story. - And it continues into their early teens as well. It's still nice to cuddle into mum or dad and read a story or a chapter aloud to them even though you are a big thirteen year old girl. :reading:
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The Mary Foundation:

"Today we pack the more than 2,000 backpacks which we each year give to children in shelters. Backpacks with toothbrush, diary, teddy bear, clothes, etc. which fulfill a practical need - and showing children that they are seen and heard in a very difficult time. Engaged previous LEGO employees packs with high spirits the many backpacks."

As you may remember Mary has helped packing the many backpacks the last years, but she couldn't attend today because of the state visit from Holland.
The unofficial work:

The Mary Foundation today informs on their Favebook page:
Yesterday, the Crown Princess met both 1.g students and revisited the old 3g students during a visit to Falkonergårdens Gymnasium. All high school students are working with with "Netwerk" which is Mary Foundation's common project to prevent loneliness through strong classroom community. Safety, a strong unity and respect to those who sit a little alone. DR1 was along during the visit and tonight a feature about loneliness, among young people and Mary Foundation's "Netwerk" will be shown in Aftenshowet at 7pm and again in the DR1 News at. 9:30pm
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As Roskilde has pointed out, Mary visited a high school in connection with DR1's theme week about loneliness. Kronprinsesse Mary har selv mærket ensomheden - nu forebygger hun den i gymnasiet | Nyheder | DR
Here Mary talks in a video about loneliness and what she has learned about the problem from people who are lonely.

Mary also told about her own feeling of loneliness after the death of her mother.

It is estimated that 210.000 above the age of sixteen in DK feel lonely and it is still a taboo, especially among the adults.
Of the age group of 16-29 some 60.000 feel lonely.
4.6 % of all Danes feel lonely or often feel they are lonely.
The most hard hit group are women between 16-29 where 7.8 % feel lonely.
Of women over the age of 80 5.6 % feel lonely.

IMO the number for men may be clouded as men often won't admit to feeling lonely. (It's a sign of weakness). Or alternatively men define loneliness differently.
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Mary was tonight shown in Aftenshowet on DR1 (a daily news program) where she gave a long, good and pertinent interview about her work against loneliness in Mary Foundation. It was recorded yesterday (so no worry, she can celebrate Bella's birthday tonight) where she unofficially visited young people working with Mary Foundation's project against loneliness 'Netwerk'
Mary's work in the Mary Foundation has become a large and respected work in the Danish social areas. For example is Mary's "Free For Bullying" integrated in more than 50 percent of all Danish kindergartens(!) In mine childrens kindergarten as well. Cool to have such a Crown Princess, isn't it?

In the interview in Aftenshowet she reaches out in the Danish living rooms with her message. And she is indeed very knowledgeable, committed and open and I think she is 110 percent involved in her projects.

Two lonely young invited into the studio said that Mary hit spot on when she explained about loneliness problems. For example, when Mary explained that it can be incredibly difficult for people to understand that you can sit in a room full of people around you and still you feel completely alone in the world.

New figures from the Mary Foundation shows that way too many feel them lonely on daily basis in Denmark - young people as old. Over 60,000 students in our high schools feel lonely on a daily basis!

DR1 have the whole week focus on loneliness.


It was at DR1 so good chance for interview will be online in a few hours. It's all in Danish, though.

Here you go:

The interview is about 10 minuttes long:!/22:37

Also a longer feature was shown in the evening news where we see Mary visiting the students:!/12:56

A Crown Princess who hardly can be more integrated in our Danish society.


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Here tonight (actually right now) Frederik and Mary are holding a dinner for the Mary Foundation's Presidium home in Frederik VIII's Palace. As they do a couple of times every year.

I like that Frederik always participate.

As usual, there will be no press coverage, so I doubt we will get any pictures.

Kronprinsparret afholder middag for Mary Fondens Præsidium kl. 19.00 - Kongehuset


Here you can see a list of who's the Mary Foundation's Presidium:
Præsidium |

At the Mary Foundation's dinner tonight was a (quite unknown?) band called Camerata singing for them:

Posted on Facebook one hour ago:
"Camerata (read: the band's name) toast after a nice performance for Mary and Frederik at Amalienborg"

I learned the band also sang for Queen Margrethe on her birthday.
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:previous:Great that Frederik participates as well. Great support for Mary's work
I think one time we got pictures at the entrance. hopefully this time as well.
Today, our Crown Princess Mary makes a visit to Aalborg (North Jutland) with the Mary Foundation to visits two of Mary Foundation's projects - she will open "Advice for Life" at the Mothers House first and then visit and participate in Mary Foundation's 'Club Fidusen' event at AaB football club:

The Mary Foundation's 'Advice for Life' is an offer of free economic, legal and social counseling to women that have been subjected to physical, psyhological or economic violence and women who because of other personal issues have lost track of the economy.

After that the Crown Princess participates in the 'Club Fidusen' event at AaB football club. The purpose of Club Fidusen is to enhance the wellbeing and sense of community and prevent bullying in Danish football clubs and is a collaboration between Mary Foundation, Save the Children, DBU and TrygFonden.

Pictures of Mary arriving to the 'Mother's Help House':

A quick change to sporty shoes...

And pictures of Mary arriving to the Football club AaB:

Article: TV2/Nord | Kronprinsessen besøger Aalborg | Nordjylland | Kultur

Mary play along in the football training:
Rainy weather or not :)
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Does anyone know who the blonde lady behind Mary is during the visit to the football club? She looks like she is getting out of the car in one of the pictures, could it be her new lady in waiting or someone from the Mary Foundation?
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:previous: It is Helle Østergaard. Director in Mary Foundation. She is always along to all the Mary Foundation's events.

Here nice HQ pictures of Mary playing football with the football club
- it was pouring rain, but spirits were high :)

And HQ pictures of Mary arriving to the Mothers Help House earlier today:

Here Berlingske gallery:
Se kronprinsesse Mary spille fodbold hos AaB |

BT also has pictures :)

BT Gallery: "See the pictures: Mary played football in pouring rain"
Se billederne: Kronprinsesse Mary spillede fodbold i øsende regn |
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this is just awesome.
Playing and running around the rain with no problem

a little more info on today's events
Besøg ved ?Råd til Livet? i Mødrehjælpen og Klubfidusen-event - Kongehuset

with a lovely picture from 2013, when Frederik joined Mary for the launch

Roskilde said:

:previous:very nice pictures
and a cute gift for Christian

group shot
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And we have a little interview with Mary on BT. Where we learn Frederik and the the children all are very fond of football. Christian plays it in the footballclub HIK:

Se Kronprinsesse Mary spille fodbold: 'Det har været en ren fornøjelse' - Fodbold |

It rained heavily, but it didn't affect the high mood as Crown Princess Mary visited the AaB club in connection with the Mary Foundation's launch of the Klubfidusen in Aalborg.

"Yes we became quite wet, but that did not matter. It was a real pleasure to play football. Admittedly, I haven't much experience with the game. But it was a delight to visit AaB. I have great respect for the club which has room for both amateurs and professionals. It's a living proof that unity gives good results," Mary said to BT.

Mary would in turn not reveals who is her favorite club.
"It's my little secret. But home in the family both my husband and my children are very fond of the game. Prince Christian is almost obsessed with football and he plays it in HIK," she said with a smile.

"Many Danish children begin to play football, but unfortunately every eight child stop again because of teasing. It does not work! All children have the right to thrive and they to feel welcome in a club."

The 'Klubfidusen' was launched in 2013 and is a collaboration between The Mary Foundation, The Save the Child, and Danish Football Union, and TrygFonden.
The purpose is to strengthen the well-being and to prevent bullying in Danish football clubs. Many Danish football clubs have chosen to integrate the project - now also Aalborg city.


"Thanks a lot for the way you are. It was a great experience for both children and parents to meet you Crown Princess today:"


43 picture gallery:

Billedbladet article:
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article from Royalista
VIDEO: Crown Princess Mary plays football in pouring rain | Royalista

it looks like the little girl gave Mary a drawing

one of the little girls gave Mary a cool drawing of the family
the mom writes
"How cool is it not right !? Alma was allowed to present his plan in person to the Crown Princess. Mary was so sweet to give her a lot of attention, and really looked at the drawing. Later she came to her again, and said thank you once again and shook hands. Do you think that we have a proud daughter? I think so��"
Hvor sejt er det ikke lige!? Alma fik lov til at overrække sin tegning personligt til kron | OnInStagram

the family picture (just missing Frederik but i think she just ran out of room)
Kronprinsesse Mary kommer på AaB idag, og Alma har lavet tegning til hende👸🏼 #kronprinses | OnInStagram
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:previous: That's high on the cute-scale. :lol:
article from Royalista
VIDEO: Crown Princess Mary plays football in pouring rain | Royalista

it looks like the little girl gave Mary a drawing

one of the little girls gave Mary a cool drawing of the family
the mom writes
"How cool is it not right !? Alma was allowed to present his plan in person to the Crown Princess. Mary was so sweet to give her a lot of attention, and really looked at the drawing. Later she came to her again, and said thank you once again and shook hands. Do you think that we have a proud daughter? I think so��"
Hvor sejt er det ikke lige!? Alma fik lov til at overrække sin tegning personligt til kron | OnInStagram

the family picture (just missing Frederik but i think she just ran out of room)
Kronprinsesse Mary kommer på AaB idag, og Alma har lavet tegning til hende👸🏼 #kronprinses | OnInStagram

The drawing given to Mary is so cute. Can image how proud the little girl is and that Mary takes the extra time with the little girl and her mother shows the caring person that she is.
You may remember the tv-programme "The Mary Foundation" sent some years ago. Here we saw Mary reading one of the many cards up she receives from the children from the Danish crisis shelters who all receive the Mary Foundation's backpacks when they arrive to the shelters. In the backpack there is among other things a postcard from Mary with room to write a greeting back to her if they want.

The Mary Foundation today on their Facebook page posted one of the letters Mary has recieved today:

This sweet postcard from a little girl immediately came up on the bulletin board in The Mary Foundation. She is one of the about 2,000 children each year who move into a crisis shelter with their mothers.
The Mary Foundation provides a backpack to all children in the crisis shelters. Often arrive the children without any belongings, so it brings great joy when they receive a backpack including a teddy bear, pajamas and a greeting from Crown Princess Mary.

The little girl writes to Mary: "Thank you, I can use it all and I'm happy for my teddy bear it is so sweet and so are you, so thank you."

Picture of the postcard:

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The Mary Foundation's Facebook page informs that Mary and the Mary Foundation have had a meeting with South African 'Brothers for Life' and Danish 'Dialog mod vold' (Dialogue against violence) at Amalienborg today:

Pictures of today's meeting today at Amalienborg:

Mary has written a long summary of today's meeting at the Mary Foundation's website:

"Today I met with Helle Østergaard with representatives of the South African organization Brothers For Life and the Danish organization Dialogue against Violence. Mary Foundation special donation went in 2014 to the development of support services for violent men in the Brothers for Life, and these days employees of
Brothers For Life are taught methods from Dialogue against Vold's acclaimed work, and we at home will benefit from the South African experience."

You can read Mary's entire summary from today's meeting here:
Vold skal både forebygges og afhjælpes |


It's a new modern way we see how Mary through the Mary Foundation is communicating. I think we will see more of this (well needed) open and modern communication in line with F&M takes over more and more.
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