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Here is some information on Mary's upcoming event on June 15, 2013 - participate at Free of Invincible 2013 Fælledparken and hand out the medals.
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Yaay, I will participate in the event with my daughter :clap:Fingers crossed that my daughter is presented her medal by Mary ;)
We want photos my friend. Congratulation to your daughter!

Of course! I know there usually always meet a lot of people up to The Mary foundation's Free-for-Bullying relay races, but I will do my best to get a good picture of Mary ;)
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If your daughter should miss Mary, let her run the entire course one more time, until she gets it right. ;)
Very exciting for your daughter, I hope she is presented with a medal by Mary and hope you get some lovely photos of the event to share with us. I have my fingers crossed for you.
If your daughter should miss Mary, let her run the entire course one more time, until she gets it right. ;)

I can almost guarantee that it won't happen :D I have promised my daughter to run together with her, but I'm eight months pregnant, so it will be one round and absolutely nothing more :ROFLMAO:

On the other hand, if Mary is ahead, I'm sure I will consider it one more time :D
A bit unfortunate, my dear little daughter has been hit by otitis, she's fine enough, but I doubt that she will be fresh enough for tomorrow :sad: However, our tickets won't go to waste, we will just let them pass on to my sister and her children instead. And there will be a "Fri for mobberi" race again next year for us :flowers:
A bit unfortunate, my dear little daughter has been hit by otitis, she's fine enough, but I doubt that she will be fresh enough for tomorrow :sad: However, our tickets won't go to waste, we will just let them pass on to my sister and her children instead. And there will be a "Fri for mobberi" race again next year for us :flowers:

Oh no, Roskilde, you are not getting off. We want a first hand account!

So you wear pigtails today and start running. - If anyone should ask, just tell them you're an early developer. ;)
In picture 11, does anyone know who the women is with Mary?
This is an event where I would love to see Christian and Isabella at. Mary looked great and seemed fun giving out the medals.

Your wish has come true.

Billed Bladet writes that Christian also took part in the run and recieved a medal from his mother: Kronprinsesse Mary strålede til stafetløb
Apparently no one knew he would take part.
Aw, Mary is beaming with pride in that picture of her and Christian :D

I think this is such a great initiative (one of many) by the Mary Foundation, it's lovely to see how many people attended.
Nice event. Great that Christian participated.
The Mary Foundation's website/Facebook page has also publiced ​​pictures Børnestafetten 2013 | including one more of Mary and Christian titled: Christian ran against bullying and got a medal of a proud mom :) Meyer.jpg

No surprise that Mary looks so incredibly happy.. as she says in the video interview was there this year a record number of participants in the relay.

That's amazing! Did every child get a medal from Mary?

No, I think Mary gives medals to as many as possible, but since there were over 1600 children running in the relay I sure the Danish TV-children-hosts (can you say this in English?) helps.


A large gallery from Purepeople

With more picture of mommy Mary with Christian
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Hey Roskilde sorry to hear your daughter did not feel well enough to race. As you say there is always next year and you won't be 8 months pregnant. Good luck with every thing.
it has gotten into a big yearly event! with more and more people every year, i fully understand mary looks so happy and proud. you can hear her proudness when she talking. she was also on the news in the evening TV 2 Nyhederne - Video
i love that christian ran too :)
here is a blog i follow daily
a little bit fun because the blogger and her kids were in fælledparken to fri for mobberi relay. so read it if you want a little bit from someone who attend the relay in real life. The fun part is the bloggers reaction when she saw mary. i will post this because i think it is funny that it is exactly the same reaction as mine when i met mary last year. the blogger writes that she stand there, ready with her camera and finally mary arrive and she was totally startrucked of her beauti and aura :) and i remember it so very well, mary is sure beautiful and sweet in photos, but it not makes justifice to how beautiful she is in real life, she has a wonderful aura and warm around her and she gives a BIG smile to all. and this is why many only have photos of mary from behind then she has walked past you, haha :) you simply forget to takes photos while she is near you :) :)
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #25, 2013.
Mary var så stolt - Mary was so proud.
Written by our running reporter Malan Vincent Joensen.

There are two relays in DK in connection with Free from Bullying. One in Aarhus on 8th June and the one Mary attended on the 15th.
Surrounded by a huge crowd and with children almost queueing up to get a medal and some praise from Mary it was a lovely day with 1.600 children running. Among them Christian, who got a medal and a big hug from mother. Mary asked him whether it had been a good experience for him, before she handed out more medals.
Christian also got a hug from the Free From Bullying mascot.

Mary explained afterwards: "I was proud. I thought he passed the finishing line quickly and that was nice to see. He had looked very, very much forward (to the relay). Isabella isn't here this year, but perhaps she'll surprise me and attend next year - as Christian surprised me this year.
He came home one day and told me he had signed up for the Free from Bullying Race. His school, Tranegårdsskolen, has worked with the Free From Bullying programme for quite some time, so I was very positively surprised. He has been allowed to take part with some other classmates today and that's really good.
I just managed to say congratulations and ask if it had been a good experience. I'm sure I'll hear much more when I come home".

After the relay Mary tattoed some of the children at a tent. - Not to worry, just a sticker-tattoo...


And Roskilde, being eight months pregnant is no excuse for not running the relay. You should have let yourself be transported up to Mary in a wheelborrow. - Mary would hardly have noticed, I'm sure. :)
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Thank you, Muhler.

BB has some lovely pictures in their reportage and I will make a little scan of two of them :wub: (sorry for the bad quality)

And no doubt that Mary shoned like the sun that day.
HerogNu has the interview too, but some other parts of it, so I will post those parts BB didn't have in their interview.

Question: How was it to put the medal around the neck of your son?
Mary: It was great, and it was great to give each of the other children who came over the finish line medal. They have all done their best. I just managed to say congratulations to Christian and hear if it had been a good experience and I looked very much forward to come home and hear him talk about the day. I'm proud of him, and he surprised me by coming so quickly across the finish line.

Mary told that it was Christian himself who has taken the initiative to participate in the run. - He came home from school one day and said he had signed up for the race. Tranegårdskolen where he goes, has long worked with Free For Bullying, and he ran along with many of his friends from school. It's such a lovely day today, because there are 1,600 children who say no to bullying. The number of participants is record, not just here in Copenhagen, but also in Aarhus, so it is fantastic. And although they have promised rain yesterday, the sun shines today. So yes, it's a beautiful day, said Crown Princess after the medal ceremony.

You can read the interview with Mary here on HerogNu's website:
Kronprinsesse Mary gav sin Christian medalje - HER&NU

Translated: Google Translate
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Crown Princess Mary's visit to Morocco on September 2 - 4, 2013 can be discussed in the
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