Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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I know this was discussed several weeks ago..sorry, but I just watched the 20/20 segment. I thought it was all very tacky and stupid. I'm sorry that Marie-Chantal was part of it. I'm sure she didn't know what type of spin the interview would have but the programme was quite silly. I mean, Barbara Walters going through the streets of London with Kate Middleton's double? Idiotic comments about the "grandmas"? Very silly and a bit offensive, too.

I have one question: can someone point me to pictures of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal country house in England? I think they were published a few years ago in a Vanity Fair Spanish edition. Thanks!
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Great to see thse photos of their ciountry home.
Also to see how grown up is Maria Olympia. Time does fly!
You're welcome. This is probably my favorite photoshoot. If you search the current events thread you will find the discussions that happened when it was published.
If he has not blue eyes, height about 1.90, athletic body, blond and much hair then obviously is not like Constantine.
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Does this sweet looking lad have a name? Do we know? He's a handsome one.
Yeah, I don't see a wedding anytime soon! She is still soooo young!
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The name and surname are of Italy, especially the surname. She is very young....
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Hopefully he´s not just together with her for the sake of her rich Mamma....
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Yes, it is Marie-Chantal.
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yes, she is Marie Chantal. Yes I think the facebook account is Alessandro. the last picture is 2010, in the list of friends haven´t to Maria Olympia, but the account is not actualized from 2010
Ι dare to say that the free-style posing is the one that bothers the viewer...
Euro-trash eh? So what exactly is "trashy" about this photograph?... http://distilleryimage10.s3.amazonaw...0a1fbf61_7.jpg
I'm curious to see which elements of the photo you believe to be "trashy", and why.
I feel the same as you. Maria Olkympia is seventeen years old, she is probabley experiencing her first crush. What´s trashy about this picture?I find it normal and lovely.
how did olympia and her boyfriend met? do they attend the same school, or maybe they met each other in london?
nice pics, they seem a fun loving couple.
What did I mean by Euro-trash? Well, how about unlady-like. I can't imagine either one of her grandmother's (granted, both ladies from a different generation) would think of this as a lady-like pose.
Simply a young couple in love, what's so trashy? They are not naked!
Well, in my view, I would not call it trashy but surely too free a posing and maybe provocative, considering that it is a photo downloaded on her personal account and not by paparazzis...
If MO was in the show biz, ok, no problem!
But for a european princess with such a heavy history, it is bothering...
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