Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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Thank you Olili. I was actually hoping that you would have the mag as a Spanish poster :)
Are there interesting new pics ? Any new things in the interview ?
Thank you for all the new photos of the family. Never have seen these before.
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Lovely photos. This family seems to know how to have fun!I love them.
Princess Marie-Chantal in NYC at dinner with friend Jennifer Creel, although Jennifer is not in the picture. Posted Feb 28. The one with her youngest son above in post #428 is when she got back to London.

Photo by mariechantal22 • Instagram

Photo from Marie Chantal's instagram.

You can follow her at
Sorry, but I think that Maria Olympia is a tad too young for such bleached blond hair and wardrobe. I wonder what King Constantine and Queen A-M think about his -- they both seem so traditional people.

It's almost as if MC is promoting her daughter as one of those Euro-trash models when there is absolutely no need to do so.

Frankly, MC is a very pretty woman while her daughter, unfortuntely, looks more like her maternal Aunt Alexandra. :(

I really don't like saying this because I absolutely love Constantine and A-M.
:previous:I agree with you, I would like to see reflected in one magazine to Maria Olympia as a Princess , elegant... but I don´t like how she is reflected in Vanity Fair, as a Famous.

She says that she is intimate friend of the Madonna daughter.
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New photo of MC from MC's instagram, March 22, 2013:

Photo by mariechantal22 • Instagram

Marie-Chantal and Maria-Olympia are on the cover of the April issue of the Spanish version of Vanity Fair, there also is a making-of video of the photo session
Thanks for sharing this info. The photographer, Marc Hom is married to Caroline Heering's sister. Caroline is one of Princess Mary's lady-in-waiting and Princess Mary and Prince Frederik attended their wedding (Marc Hom and Marie-Louise Flamand).

Both mother and daughter look beautiful!
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Loved the photos. Aristidis is gorgeous! And Maria Olympia is already a young lady doing what most girls their age do.
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MC looks tired, her glance is full of fatigue, her skin also is somehow... in the video.
MOlympia reminds me of a teenage model, not a princess. And certainly both of them are celebrities, not aristocrats. Their poses confirm this. A happy family of rich celebrities.
New photo of MC from MC's instagram, March 22, 2013:
Photo by mariechantal22 • Instagram
I think I recognise Chantal de Hanovre on the left, am I right ?
As for the Vanity Fair cover, I think mother and daughter are insanely beautiful and a pleasure to look at. But, like many of my fellow posters, I would prefer a classier style :ermm:.
What values are behind this ? I find these days MC speaks a lot about success and parties, not so much about children in need and green living (like some years ago)... Maybe they do a lot without saying it...
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I have to agree! They look absolutely beautiful. I have always found Marie-Chantal to be a beauty. And, Maria-Olympia is no exception to the rule either, as she looks beautiful as well. Man does she take after her mother.

Unlike another poster below, I do not feel that the princess looks tired. If she does, I felt that she did a good job of hiding it n both the Instagram photo and the photos in the magazine!

Thanks for shaaring.
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Thanks for the photos, Emmeleia.
Both are soooooooooooooo beautiful
Maria Olympia went through that akward gawky stage, but she sure is over it now.
Judging by Brazilian girls of the same age, she is doing things 16 years olds do.
I love the way that she is so close to her Mother. And that´s rare these days.
With a proud spouse and mother reflecting in the mirror sweet !
US fans, be tuned, and tell us everything about the Barbara Walters interview afterwards :)

Unfortunately, Marie-Chantal was on air for all of one minute or so. She held up one of her brand's white footed pajamas with golden angel wings on the back as a suggestion for an appropriate, gender-neutral baby gift. It was also mentioned that William is godfather to her oldest son and I believe she said that William and Kate will make fantastic parents. That's it, sorry to say!
Thank you anyway Windsor girl. In the teaser she also seems to be questioned about breastfeeding, and laughs about the question. Did you get why ?
Thank you anyway Windsor girl. In the teaser she also seems to be questioned about breastfeeding, and laughs about the question. Did you get why ?

The question of whether Kate would breastfeed was addressed: consensus is yes, she will, from the various royal reporters interviewed (who of course don't know her personally, but whatever). I don't think Marie-Chantal commented on it during the program so it must have just been the teaser.
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