Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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New interview in the Gloss magazine. You can have a glance at MC website.
Marie Chantal is IMO one the most elegant princesses along Caroline of Monaco.
I acknowledge that her designs are very nice, and this has great merit because I do not like most children's clothing designs because they dress to the children like adults. I like her designs, because it is authentic children's clothing
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Amazing find Tatiana0, I can't wait for the issue to come (there seems to be a German issue too) ; thank you !
Found an interesting video shoot of Marie Chantal and family inside their London home. Shoot is for a magazine.

Marie-Chantal of Greece Making of on Vimeo

MC was shot for March/April/May 2012 issue of GG Magazine.

The Flying Dutchman by Mark Seelen

GG magazine can be viewed online here. Her issue is not on the site yet, but should be updated soon.

GG magazine - December, January and February 2012's edition

Does anyone know where this magazine can be bought in the USA ?

You can watch the issue, Marie - Chantal posted a link on her facebook´s page

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Thanks Olili. I´m also waiting for this magazine with the pictures of the family.
Here is a link to GG magazine with Princess Marie-Chantal on the cover:
GG Magazine - March, April and May 2012 Edition

Love the pictures inside her house. It's the first time we're seeing their media room where the walls are covered in leather upholstery. There's also a small photo of MC in her home office with a wall of magazine covers she's been featured on.

Does anyone know how to get a hard copy of this magazine?
Ayvee, thanks a million for the link. I hope I can get this magazine, but sometimes it´s difficult here in Rio.
Loved the photos. This family is just great. The kids are gorgeous and MC always lovely and soooooooo elegant.
Love this shoot, I too would love a hard copy!
I am trying to find images of MC/Pavlos presenting Achilleas from an Hola photospread in 2000. The photos were taken at her parents apt. in NYC. I actually saw a copy of this that someone is trying to sell on e-bay but can hardly see the images. If anyone has it, can you post a link? Thanks
Hello Emily, I see what you are looking for and I don't have it either. Can you precise what particular issue it is (Hola or Hello ?) so that maybe I can find a copy here in Europe ? I think you speak about a photoshoot with MC wearing pants, and a jumper, sitting on a very luxurious sofa with CPPavlos and the 3 children. I only saw a very small and very bad pic, I thought it was maybe taken in the Paris home of the Miller family.
Emily, I think the pics you are looking for are these :
2000 Presentation Achilleas pictures by grf_album - Photobucket
I only have small formats though, does anyone have better files ? Was it taken in NY or in Paris ?
I think I got these pics from the website in the US which had loads of pictures and articles about the Miller sisters back in the 1990' and around 2000. I don't think it is still maintained, which is a shame.
SITA, those pictures were taken in their New York apartment. I saw the article in Hola., at the time. I even kept the photos, in my MC/Pavlos collection.
I want to find a photos of MC with a hairband of butterflies. She wore a pink dress. I think that they went to a party at a police station.
Sita, I am just getting around now to seeing the two photos. Those are two that I have wanted, and there are others. As always, you are so thoughtful in looking things up and I really appreciate your help!
A new interview of Marie- Chantal in Love´s magazine
What a shame we can´t see the pictures. Here in Rio the only Spanish magazine they sell is Hola.
Thank you for the link. I also do not have access to this magazine. Sounds to be a great article with pictures of her home.
I'm dying to see it...can any Spanish reader describe the pictures ?
I have the magazine. Some of the images are old. in on of them appeared her with Francois Catroux
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