Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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Welcome to the Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie Chantal and Family Magazine and Picture thread 2

Part 1 can be found here.

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Emily, I see now what pics you are looking for. I remember having seen them on a photo agency website and they said it was in St Tropez in France. The only ones I have are very small format like yours. So I am interested in your quest also !
I completely share your opinion about MC's style at the time, nice to know you have many pics from this period.
As for the kitchen, I'm wondering also. On one pic it looks white and quite cold, one another it is yellow and much more inviting. I think it all depends on the light the photographer uses. It is probably some sort of cream paint on the walls...what do eveveryone think ?

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Emily, I see what you mean. I do think it's the same kitchen, though. Look at the table. Just from a different angle. I like the HT photos better. I agree w you, those the HT photos are much warmer and more flattering. (though I think the pic of MC and OK is really adorable)
Sita, yes, I think it depends on the lighting. A friend of mine has had photos taken of her interior design work and one time I commented on how beautiful a sofa's fabric was. She said, 'well it doesn't really look like that, that is the yellow light they used to photograph.' Later she sent me a swatch of the fabric and it was really different! And I will keep my eyes out for the St. Tropez photos! I know that somewhere I have seen at least one of those pictures in a larger format.

Bella, I also think it's the same kitchen just shown from the opposite side of the sink counter. Partly because that big dome is in both pictures but in one it is silver; in the other gold. I must say, I prefer the warmer colors for a kitchen that is located in a cold climate, but that is just my opinion.
Thank you Vasilofron. I've tried to look on the website for other pictures, but I couldn't find any because of the (most beautiful) alphabet. Can you tell us if and where there are other pics on this site? (and maybe on other sites written in greek) ?

For Emily, about the London kitchen : there is an answer in the first portrait of P&MC in their living room : if you look at the wall behind them, one part has a lighting with their own lamp (with a shade), and the wall looks yellow. The other half of the wall is apparently lit with a photographer's floor lamp (which can be seen in the pic I think, and which is supposed to give something resembling day light) ; and it's cream.
I think that the walls are probably either a very warm cream color, or a soft yellow. The Happy Turtle article described the kitchen as having tones of cream and yellow. The second photo was probably shot in a very stark light, or perhaps they have updated their kitchen since the photo was taken. Either way, their home is so lovely and chic. I always enjoy seeing photos of this family and their home.
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Since this is a picture thread I've removed those posts stating "I've seen photos...", "I have photos..." and those asking "any photos?"

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OK Warren, so now, how do we know if we can buy a magazine with new pictures ? Couldn't you put the posts elsewhere instead of deleting them ? I thought this board was also to exchange information...
OK Warren, so now, how do we know if we can buy a magazine with new pictures ? Couldn't you put the posts elsewhere instead of deleting them ? I thought this board was also to exchange information...

This is a thread for pictures, so if you find a new magazine or want to
exchange information about new articles or photos without actually
having them, the current events thread could be a better place. But
short - so called "empty" - posts like "are there any new pics?", "can
you post the pics?" are in danger to be deleted there as well ;)
Ladies and gentlemen,I just found the Life & Style February 2008 issue with Pavlos and MC on the cover.They gave an exclusive interview in which they announced the 5th pregnancy.The photoshot took place at their home in London.Here are some juicy information:
-Their house was built in the 17th century and it has hosted many affairs of King Henry XIII.
-They always wanted to have 5 children.
-Pavlos works as a manager in the Fund of Funds Ortelius Capital.
-MC's portrait by A.Warhol is above the fireplace.
-Generally,their home has a minimalistic decoration,with many art pieces (Hirst,Basquiat etc.).
-When they were asked if they were thinking of moving to Greece permanently,Pavlos said that they need more time to move on and reorganise some things and MC stated that she would follow her husband wherever he told her(which means that everything is possible).
I hope I've satisfied you today,my friends...I'm waiting for your comments.;)
Their house was built in the 17th century and it has hosted many affairs of King Henry XIII.
Over-romanticising perhaps, or an error: Henry VIII died in 1547, the 16th century.
I know about Henry VIII (sorry for the X,that was my mistake) and it sounded really strange.Maybe it's the same building and they just renewed it in the 17th century or something like that.Or it was said on purpose,because their PR told them to say so...LOL
Pavlos is handsome as always! MC is very lucky.
Great!!!! Thanks for the info., crm2317! I'll def. pick this up . Wow, 17 pages! Can't wait.
Great!!!! Thanks for the info., crm2317! I'll def. pick this up . Wow, 17 pages! Can't wait.

Your more than welcome Bella! I am just as excited as seeing pictures of their house as the baby! Has it ever been officially confirmed his name is Aristidis Stavros? I was just wondering because his name is mentioned nowhere on the cover of the magazine
I believe it's official.There are always only few words on the covers of the mags.
I'm sure the baby's name is mentioned in the interview.
I can't wait to see little Aristidis! I'm sure he's very good-looking already, especially with those genes!
Well I have the magazine and as expected the whole family looks beautiful! The baby's name is Aristide Stavros but he is called Aristide by them. Here are some pieces of information revealed in the magazine:

-The couple now hire two nannies and a household staff to help. They had 1 nanny with 4 children but with 5 they now need 2. Especially with 4 children at 3 different schools!

-Marie Chantal says Olympia is a keen helper and she can hand her the baby when she needs to do something,

-The birth was straightforward and natural with Pavlos present. They had the baby in LA to be nearer Marie Chantal's sister and because of her store opening.

-The children are known as Olympia, Constantine, Achileas, Odysseus and Aristide.

-The new baby was a shock for Odyseus who thought it was a novelty at the start then realized the baby had to stay!:ROFLMAO:

- Marie Chantal is breastfeeding through the night. She mentions she could have got a nanny to bottle feed through the night but she made the decision to be a mother.

-Aristide will be baptized in Greece and have 7 godparents like his siblings but they havn't been chosen yet. Prince Charles and Prince William are good at remembering their godchildren's birthdays!

-Pavlos doesnt talk about the fact he will probably never be King. She says his life has moved on

I'm not sure I'm allowed to write anymore! It is a very long interview the main snippets about family life are above. The rest is about her business. One of my favourite pictures is in the kitchen. There is a blackboard in the background and the kids have decorated it to say "Happy Birthday Mamma and Odysseus!":wub:
Well I have the magazine and as expected the whole family looks beautiful! ....
What a great way to start my morning, reading your snippets from the article!!! Thank you SO MUCH, crm2317!!! This only makes me want to rush out and pick up the mag even more!! The more I read about MC and her family the more I like them! Thanks again!

This is starting out to be a fab day! With the snips from crm2317 and now the links to the pics! Thank you, empress and ayvee!!! I LOVE these photos! Everyone looks so happy. The baby is adorable. I can't believe how big the other kids are getting, they're all so good-looking. Those boys are going to be real heartbreakers in a few years! MO is nearly as tall as her mother. I really like the photos of the family outside. They're like postcard perfect. I also like the one of MC and MO in the kitchen. That's really nice of mother and daughter. MC looks great! I really think she is one of those women whose looks get better with age. Pavlos is as handsome as ever! I know people have called MC and P publicity hounds for having these sorts of photo ops but I really enjoy seeing the family and hope they keep the pics coming!
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Ayvee, many thanks for the photos. Those childrens are lovely and they look like a very happy family.
Oh lovely! So glad to be able to see the photos of the family. Thanks to all who've posted pics and snippets of the interview.
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