Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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MC website press page is down and being updated - hopefully with some new photos !!
Here are some screen shots of the wedding scenes, taken from the film "Constantine, a King's story" (we spoke about this film earlier on this board).
Glittering Royal Events Message Board: Wedding Prince Pavlos
Beautiful scenes which help us to wait for some more... I wonder if the family keeps very discreet at the moment because of what is happening in Greece at the moment... Anyway, I take this occasion to tell all Greek posters how deeply sorry we are in my home about their situation, and in particular about the 3 innocent lives that were lost this week. Wishing you all a lot of courage and faith in your country.
Sita - Thank you for these screen shots. I have never seen them before and they are amazing! It is so interesting to see the Millers and British Royals conversing as they were. But I suppose that's what one does when waiting for a wedding photograph to be taken, royal or not.
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thank you!!!!
I like the picture of Queen Anne Marie with Queen mother ...
You're welcome. If you have never seen them, you might be interested in the whole film "Constantine : a King's story" which is accessible through the same board.
Both documentaries "Once a King" and "Constantine...A King's Story" can be viewed here on TRF in this thread in the Royal Library.
In the greek news site
Η περιπέτεια της οικογένειας του Παύλου και της Μαρί Σαντάλ - i peripeteia tis oikogeneias tou pavlou kai tis mari santal

there is an article tiltled "the adventure of Pavlos and MC's family".
It is mentioned that Pavlos and MC were with their kids in the Bahamas where the parents Miller own an extra lavish house. They spent their holiday there, enjoyed the sea, the sunshine and traditional food, the wonderful view, the kids were at the beach all the time. When they had to go however, they couldn't as the flights were not allowed so they extended for a while their stay there.
I can't manage to see with this link. Is it me or..?
It works for me. Go to and type in Marie- Chantal G and you should be able to get it that way also.
You do usually need a facebook account to search for people yes.
On site forum page 4 there are pictures of MC, Pia w/daughter and Mama Miller attending the birthday party at MC house for King C.
On Isifa page you can watch a lot of photos of Mc at the wedding and the previous day
Thank you Olili ; do you know if it is possible to register for free as a private viewer or....? The pictures are great and it would be nice to see them enlarged...
Great find Helen. Thank you. What a beautiful picture of MC and the baby.
Thanks HELEN ANNA for the scans and the lovely interview. I`ve always been a fan of this family and Marie Chantal I admire greatly for her way with her children, her business, her very frank outlook on life.
I saw in the last catalogue of hers, a couple of gorgeous pictures of Odisseus and Aristidis, modeling some clothes. Too cute for words!!!!
Thanks Helen Anna! I hadn't seen that interview before. There were some really great pics!
Both documentaries "Once a King" and "Constantine...A King's Story" can be viewed here on TRF in this thread in the Royal Library.
Warren, I've tried to see this documentary "once a King..." and the link to You Tube does not work. Is there anything that you can do ?
To Warren : brilliant ! Thank you... :flowers:
The last interview I saw of Princess Marie Chantal think it was one year ago, she doesn´t appears in magazines as much as before, I think that this is by mark of her clothing store, I think this is a business strategy for clothing brand, before it was more usual to see her in magazines, now she is more selective.
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Someone could tell me when I can find a photos of Mariechantal in Gstaad with the children. She is wearing a coat and a grey pullover.
I don´t remember clearly. Perhaps, the report was made in 2008, she went to a walk with some friends, her dog and the children.

I found the photos on this forum. There´re from 2006.
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Hello Olili, I'm almost sure no such photo was put on this thread, the last pics of MC in Gstaadt were the ones where she had a pink duvet coat, when Odysseas was a baby. I will investigate also. These are winter photos, right ?
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