Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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MC & family

A very happy New Year 2010 ! Thank you , Mariazil ! Lovely photos indeed.:flowers:
THANK Mariazil!! I like the pictures..I don´t like the christmas tree...
Thanks for the pictures, mariazil. :flowers: They are all WONDERFUL! I especially love the picture of MC & Maria Olympia, Maria Olympia has grown so much!
Thank you. What a beautiful interview!!!!
Thank you for the photos Mariazil! Maria-Olympia has grown into a beautiful young lady. She appears to be tall like her father and aunt Theodora. I have been very curious about their home. It is a gorgeous home and that photo of MC and MO is my favourite from the series.
:previous:I think so, too. She is a really beautiful girl and her photo with her mother is my favourite, too, they seem so close!!!:flowers:
truth is that Maria Olympia, in my opinion is very similar to the Miller sisters, but in that picture she is very much changed
I agree with you on that (again;)). When she was little, she looked more like her mother...
Aren´t there some more photos of the other lovely children?
It´s lovely to see how close Maria Olympia is of her Mother and vice versa. Being the only girl and the oldest, I have a feeling she is a very mature and level headed girl.I agree with you, Beltraneja, MO has changed a lot these last few years and she is going to be a tall girl leke her auntie Theodora.
thank you by pictures!!!Marie Olimpa will be a tall woman
Given the success we had with our call to Greek posters (many thanks again to Mariazil), I allow myself to ask even more : if any of you now has other pictures from the Greek Life&Style, you now it will be a delight to many on this board ! I think we saw here the photoshoot of Spring 2007 (the one in the Bahamas), but we only had glimpses of the others, for instance the September 2009 issue with the Christening of little Aristidis.
does anyone know Princess Marie Chantal height?because seeing the picture Maria Olimpia has same height that her mother
It is true she is more tall that her mother, she only 13 years olds
Sita, those were lovely pictures. You can see how much these two little boys have grown.I still remember a Vanity Fair article which showed the New York apartment and all three kids very sweet and small.
Ahah, Carmina Stalker, I see what you mean : I think the day I saw this photoshoot (Vanity Fair) on the internet (the Miller Sisters site it was) is the day I became a big fan of MCs family pictures. And I've never been disappointed since : all GRF pictures are always relaxing and inspirational to me, I hope they will go further a long time as a happy united family.
The Madame Figaro photo is great.M-C looks elegant as always.
Mc website - press - section has been updated with current information and pictures.
Yes it is. Beautiful child, isn't he ?
At the bottom (MC´s shops web )is a picture of the catalogue of summer, I have no it .. Could be some them children of of Princess Alexia?
Great find frank22 love the foros vogue site. It has pictures I have never seen before. Thank you.
I loved the Vogue´s forum. Great pictures of MC, Pavlos and their lovely children.
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