Crown Prince Pavlos & Marie-Chantal and Family: Magazine and Picture Thread 2

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Oh, it works then, great ! Well, Melina B, I'm waiting for your fainting now, hehe.
Well done, Sita!! :flowers: The house reminded me of those in the Grimm brothers' fairytales. I also loved their garden. The ideal place to raise children, imo :)
This isn't the tiara Robert Miller bought MC for her wedding, right? It mentions the Queen of Yugoslavia, can anyone translate?

BTW, the tiara is stunning indeed!
ye the article says princess Maria Chantal's father bought a russian syle tiara for his daughter as a wedding present and the author thinks but without prouf that this tiara look a like the queen 's tiara. IT is just a speculation
He thought that the GRF had bought the tiara when it was sold.
MelinaB. Who is the charming little one in your avatar?
It's a beautiful tiara and it does resemble,somewhat,Elizabeth II's Russian style tiara.
Hello Emmeleia, are you now able to post the pics of this 2003 Greek Vogue and tell us what it said ? I'd be most grateful.
Hello, Sita! As in the personal message, I must also say here that I am deeply sorry for the delay ...
I promise that I will transfer it on its whole as soon as I can ...
Oh hello, I didn't want to sound unpleasant, it was just to let you feel that you were you don't think you're working hard for nothing :flowers:. Thank you in advance...
To follow Olili's post about Janet de Botton's party, here is the link.
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If I am not mistaking, it was before Prince Charles BDay. Anyway I think this dress qualifies for the MC's worst outfit festval. We'll do a thread about it one day, shall we ? :dizzy:
Judging by what some of the other women were wearing, it was 'that' type of party...
--> example 1
--> example 2

Here's a rule we could all profit by: To save possible future embarrassment, never allow oneself to be photographed at a theme or fancy dress party! :D
I've got fresh news!!!

The greek Life and Style, January 2010, has an interview of Pavlos and MC and lots of photos with the kids at their London house, which is decorated for Christmas.
Here is the cover of the magazine

The children go to the former greek college which is now an international school and they are taught the greek language.
Pavlos is asked how the company Ortelius Capital has underwent the crisis and he replies that it was a very difficult year but with a lot of work they managed to go through it and had good results. He also says that he is thinking to come to Greece in order to look for direct investing...

MC is interviewed from New York where the family has travelled in order to celebrate Christmas.
-We see you with five kids and wonder how you manage to do it all.
MC: We have a strict program. We wake up at 7 o' clock and have our breakfast in family. We ourselves take the children to school because we have chosen it although the driver could go them. Before going to work, my husband and I drink our coffee at home and this is our time. Afterwards we go to our offices, which are fortunately next side. Middays, we have either professional dishes or eat something quickly at home. Around 4-4.30, children return at home and I try to be back there and wait them. I try to be present at every familial moment and be as good a mother as I can.

-Don't you feel sometimes exhausted?
MC: All mothers feel sometimes exhausted. It is inevitable. But I try consciously to keep a healthy balance taking a lot of care and behave to the kids in the same way without discriminations.

-And in the professional field how does the house of children's clothes go?
MC: I do a job that I myself created and I like it. I could choose not to work. But work keeps the mind in form, makes you a healthy person and gives you a balance. This year is good for us because, apart from the stores in various countries, we have entered the field of catalogues and direct selling through Internet. Only in America we have sent 100.000 catalogues with our clothes of the winter collection and we predict to double the number for the spring collection 2010. We do well.

-Have you improved your knowledge of the greek language?
MC: I do not speak good greek. Of course, if we lived at Greece, I would learn it much easier. I do intensive courses like my children. Their father works with them on this matter and talks to them about their history and culture.

-Do you think to come back to Greece?
MC: Greece, even before meeting Pavlos, was for me a beloved destination. We come every summer with all our family and if my husband asked me to, I would come for ever.

-Is there any chance to have another one child?
MC: No, no! Five is a very good number. For the time being, we took two dogs.
I can't believe it emmeleia ! This was one of my "fan" dreams, to see MC's house decorated for Christmas ! Thank you so much. :kiss:
Now as we can't find this magazine here, I am ready to buy it from any poster who would care for sending it to France. Unless someone can post pictures ... I can't wait ! Thank you again !
I am glad that you enjoyed the post!

Sita, the colour that dominates in the decoration of the house, as shown in the pictures, is the yellow-gold; you may see it from the cover picture. The Christmas tree is very tall and one may discern little cars on it and little human caricatures. There is a bookcase next to it that has on it portraits of the kids!!!
I wish I could scan the photos but its impossible because they are far tooo big...

MC wears in some photos a really elegant, deep red dress which suits her well.

Olili, I don't know if you can buy it online.Maybe you can order it and they send it to you. I will look it up.

What striked me is the fact that M.Olympia is very tall. If her mother did not wear the extra high heels she wears but flat shoes like MO, they would practically have the same height.
Thank you again emmeleia. Any detail you can give about the pictures, and most of all how to get the magazine, will be most welcome. About the portraits : I did a post some moths ago about portraits of the 4 elder kids we saw in a video. You can see them on this page (scroll down and look for portraits with a starry night). That was a clever find I must say... :
Julia Condon - Children Portraits
Is it the same portraits you are talking about ?
Yes, they are the same portraits. Exactly!

(About the magazine, I will post the information as soon as I get it. I am almost sure that you may order it.)
All right, I'll be checking the board every minute then ! (silly me...haha)
Does MC say something about how the family spends Chrismas, is there a religious atmosphere to the festivities, or is it more about gathering around the children ? Do they follow many Christmas traditions (like wreathes, advent's calendar etc) ?
I think they are going to celebrate the new year with the Kings of Greece and it is possible that with Alexia and family in Gstaad
Beltraneja, I hope you´re right. I´d love to see pictures of them and especially of Alexia and her family in Gstaad. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
Pleaaase, Emmeleia and all dear Greek posters, can't anybody tell us how to order an issue of the Greek Life&Style, or scan the fabulous pictures we're all dying to see ?

And happy new year to all members : with one wedding in the GRF, it should be a nice year for us on the board !
This is a happy new year for sure ! Thank you so much Mariazil ! All pictures are beautiful, many many thanks. Now I am going to check the link you kindly gave. You made my day, and I am sure many members are delighted ! Thank you ! :flowers::wave::kiss:
Lovely photos! Thanks for posting them.
Mariazil, thanks a million for these beautiful photos. I was very happy to read (to be continued). I love to see photos of this couple and their gorgeous children. You´ve made my day!!!!!
Thank you Mariazil Lovely pics. Point de Vue has too these pics.
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