Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 8: Nov. 2008-Sep. 2012

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A high quality gallery from M&F visiting the special forces yesterday: Øvrige diverse - HOK Medie Galleri - Powered by Phanfare
Click the pictures for an even bigger view.

Apart from the first really good pic of M&F it's mainly for those who are interested in uniforms and nostalgia in regards to equipment.
So that explains the missing DRF member yesterday ;)
Lovely pics Roskilde ,thanks for posting.

I love to watch swimming, so understand fully why Frederik & Mary are enjoying it so much.
Aww I love the way they're looking at each other.
Very Very Nice Pictures They Looks Sooo Nice , They Looks Like New Lovers , I Love This Couple Very Much , Thank You For Posting ALL
And a gallery from TV2, with quite a few pics of M&F: TV 2 Gallery

And a clip: VIDEO: Frederik og Mary kom sejlende til prisfest - TV 2 Nyhederne

As you can tell M&F sailed in the barge from Dannebrog across the harbour from Amalienborg to the Opera.

In the clip fairy tale kindly posted :flowers: Frederik was asked whether they had seen much theatre in the past year. He replied: "Not that much, we've had twins".
If i'm not mistaken, we have a new dress appearance. Finally. :clap:
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #18, 2012.
Mary og Frederik lagde til ved Operaen - Mary and Frederik moored at the Opera.
Written by our man at the operas Ulrik Ulriksen.

M&F were apparantly supposed to have arrived by car, but they opted for the more grand style by arriving in the barge from Dannebrog. (*)
Mary wore a Collette Dinnigan creation.
Mary is, states the article, the film buff in the family, while Frederik is more interested in contemporary Danish art and music.
Well arrived, they were asked whether thay had seen much theatre lately and Frederik replied: "No, we've had twins".
M&F went to the afterparty where they spend a good deal of time mingling with the various persons within the world of theatre, before they returned to Amalienborg with the chalup.

(*) Actually the "chalup". A chalup being the grandest boat on a ship.
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Arg, I don't know why I sometimes can't post pictures.
Because with some photo agencies like newscom, direct links to the page showing the pic do not work.
You have to save the pics, host them at one of the many free image hosting sites, and post the link to the hosted pic.;)
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