CP Mary as Patron of The Christmas Seal Foundation (Julemærkefonden): 2005 - 2023

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Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

That's a very good cause to support and put focus on. For more than a 100 years now, this foundation has helped many, many obese children to regain their self-esteem and also install a belief in themselves that they can actually change their situation.
But most importantly, many children have met and formed friendship with other children in a similar situation.
:previous: always a special event and a great cause for the foundation to support.

"the patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation revealed HRH Crown Princess today this year's Christmas Seal. On this occasion, met Crown Princess some of the children who every year stay at a Christmas Seal."



article with a lovely picture of Mary
Kronprinsesse Mary: I år holder vi jul i Danmark | Nordjyske.dk
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Beautiful Christmas stamps this year! Very Christmas like.

Mary getting flowers from Mikkel

CP Mary told that she, Frederik and children this year will spend the Christmas with Frederik's family in Denmark after they spend last Christmas with her family in Australia.

Video from the DRF's official Facebook page :flowers:


What you non-Danish members can't hear, but as several Danes comments in the DRF's video is how clear and beautiful Mary speaks Danish.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #44, 2016.
Written by the omnipresent Ulrik Ulriksen.

As you know Mary unveiled this years Christmas Seal stamps and present were children who have or are staying at a Christmas Seal home, where they lose weight, learn about healthy eating and first and foremost get new friends and realize that they are worth something.
Hence the reason why they wore T-shirt with slogans where the negative word was erased, like: I am (not) good enough. I have (no) friends. And so on.
Mary had a chat with the children who afterwards told our reporter what she said. Like Mikkel who said: "She said I should keep believing in myself, and stick to the things I've learned".
Mikkel, aged thirteen, who has been bullied was praised by Mary: "He's very courageous and I think he is really good at putting words to what it has meant to him to have stayed at a Christmas Seal Home. Today he stands stronger than ever before".

Mikkel had previously said: "Fight for what you want. Don't be afraid to tell about your problems to your parents and someone you trust".

But Mary also mentioned how she and her family will spend Christmas this year: "I'm looking forward to a real Danish Christmas this year with the family here in Denmark.
White Christmas has a very special atmosphere and is a different kind o Christmas than the one I grew up with.
In Australia we are very influenced by the English tradition, which also include a white Christmas. So we stick to those traditions, even though it's warm".

- There should be a very good chance Mary will experience a white Christmas this year.

See this weeks BB issue here: https://app.box.com/s/5mjcpyuu0prj1kufpd5s8w67bu3b28w1

Fans of Frederik should perhaps skip the pages about Dannebrog, as there is a black and white photo of Frederik in uniform.
I really like the Christmas Seal this year. It's back to the classic "kravlenisser". (Which I've written about at length in the Christmas traditions thread.)
I really like the Christmas Seal this year. It's back to the classic "kravlenisser". (Which I've written about at length in the Christmas traditions thread.)

I agree Muhler, its a beautiful stamp design! BTW, can you identify what is on the table: there seems to be food offered after the presentation and I wonder what the children are eating! It looks very hygge! BTW2 Did you know 'hygge' has now entered the English language to describe the comfort of home and is often used in advertisements!:previous::flowers::lol:
Diet-pastry I imagine.
Some of the children are obese, so they learn to prepare diet food, including pastry.
- However, I have no idea what diet-pastry could be. ?

Yes, I know "hygge" has entered the English language. I've also glanced at some of the numerous articles (and books!) about the subject. Most of them IMO miss the mark though.
You can't buy "hygge", it's an atmosphere of well-being you and your guests/family create together. And you really don't need that much to create that atmosphere.
?:previous: wonderful!
What a great program to help the kids that need it. Mary is great with them.

article with more information

"The home located in Roskilde, Zealand, will have space for 48 children at a time and is expected to host 240 children a year. The Christmas Seal Foundation is an association running homes for children wanting to lose weight, escape bullying and loneliness and gain more self confidence. The Foundation gains funding through the yearly sale of Christmas Seals, advent calendars and donations. The opening of the new home will give 32% more places for children on a national basis and markedly reduce the waiting times. Crown Princess Mary attended the opening in her role as protector for the Foundation and a big speaker for the rights and conditions of children both in Denmark and abroad."

another video and article on her visit
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This picture from today :wub: That's connection.

She's wonderful... Crown Princess Mary is very good at being totally present. Sitting down (as at the table) and giving the kids a hug so they feel relaxed. The comments for today's video on the DRFs Facebook tells how much her comfortable and genuine personality is appreciated.

Congratulations to the Christmas Seal Foundation. And great congratulations to all the children and young people who now can enjoy the Christmas home of Liljeborg in Roskilde, my town. It is amazing that Winnie Liljeborg has donated so it could be done. And that our Crown Princess supports it.
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Thanks for all the pics, articles and clips. - And also our daily dosis of Daily Mail ;)

I believe it's the first time we see Mary and Count Ingolf on the job together.

The visit by Mary is no doubt deeply appreciated by the children. Practically all of them have been or at least felt being left out and as such most have a pretty low self-esteem.
Directed mostly at obese children, they here learn to build up their self-esteem again as well as loosing weight.
There is a good reason why these homes have been around for a hundred years and why they are still sought after.

However, they may have to change their names though. The Christmas Seal Homes is no longer a precise name because a good deal of their funding (and before Mary their PR as well) came from the sale of Christmas Seals, which were placed on Christmas cards next to the regular stamp.
But nowadays people don't send Christmas cards anymore. Or to more correctly, they do - online.
No one is sending personal letters either, any since most official letters as well as letters from your employer, insurance, school, pension, municipality, taxes, doctor and so on and so on are digital, there can easily be weeks between a regular letter in our mail-box here outside the Muhler home.
Result: The number of letters and as such Christmas cards as well has plummeted straight down here in DK over the past 10 years. - Only surpassed by the drops Vil E Coyote regularly go through...

It doesn't help that the postal service in their infinite wisdom has concluded: People and businesses as well as the authorities don't send letters anymore, as in don't send letters at all. What to do? - Got it! Let's triple the postage, cut down on days letters and parcels are brought out, cut down on the number of letterboxes and close almost every single post office then people surely will start sending letters... ?
I'm serious! That's exactly what they have done - despite that successive governments have done everything to make people go digital. :whistling:
Now people have gone digital and the postal service is standing there - what happened?? :ohmy:

So, the Christmas Seal homes don't get much income from the sale of Christmas Seals (which you BTW can buy online and put on your digital post card). Fortunately the homes have such a good reputation, and get a good PR not least because of Mary, that they can survive on donations - but the sale of Christmas Seals used to be a very good secondary income.
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I believe it's the first time we see Mary and Count Ingolf on the job together.
They have been together "on the job" before, several times.

Count Ingolf and Countess Sussie attend the yearly presentation of the Christmas Seal. There are photos of them with Mary from some of the years.

I don't know if they attend every year but an article from November last year says:

"Grev Ingolf og grevinde Sussie plejer også at være med, når årets julemærke bliver præsenteret. De er nemlig protektorer for Julemærkemarchen."
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #20, 2019.
Written by Ken Richter.

Recently Mary visited the Christmas Seal home in the town of Hobro, which this year celebrates it's 80th anniversary.
Not as the first member of the DRF though. King Frederik and Queen Ingird visited the place in 1949 and QMII in 2002 and now Mary.

The children who live here for a period are mostly obese and suffer from low self-esteem and have often been bullied and certainly felt isolated. The home helps they to eat a better diet, to exercise and to find new friends and support among children who face the same issues as they do.
The children are between seven and fourteen. During the visit they wore shirts with various negative sentences, like: I'n not good enough, with the word not being crossed out. Symbolizing their psychological development from believing in these sentences, to putting such negative thoughts behind them.

Fifteen year old Regine Sviland Jokumsen gave a speech about what her ten week stay at the home had meant to her:
I was reserved and ashamed about my body and I was kept out by the others.
At the Christmas Seal Home everybody fits in and I learned that I am good enough. Now I dare don't care what others think. I enjoy life and have regained faith in myself."
- Regine is now an elite-gymnast.

Mary commented: "That came from the heart. Regine's story is testament to how far you can go if you keep on to the good tools yo have been given at the Christmas Seal Home. Then you can change your life."

Mary also told about how she talks about bullying with her own children:
We talk with them about the basic values like respect, tolerance, care and courage. And how important it is to be a good buddy and to be there for each other."

The flowerboy was thirteen year old Mikkel, who has lost ten kilos during his stay so far and added inches to his height, in regards to self confidence.
During the visit Mary dropped her heels for a pair of trainers to play some paddle-tennis, something she hadn't tried before.
40 children from the Christmas Seal homes will run alongside the Crown Princess at the race in Aalborg -during the Royal Run this Monday

At Christmas Home Homes, the children get help to get out of bullying and isolation. At the same time, they learn about healthy diet and exercise so they lose weight. They get confidence so they can smile again.
That's nice. A good way for the children to show off their often newfound self-confidence.
The daily report from Daily Mail:


Thanks Iceflower. :flowers:

Mary is looking good!

The Christmas Seal Foundation suffered a crisis some years ago, for the simple reason that hardly anyone send a letter (let alone receive one) here in DK anymore. (Costs a fortune anyway! Because Danish Mail believe if you increase the price on stamps and lower the service then the costumers will start writing more letters...)
That also applies to Christmas cards. Why write and send (costing half a months salary) a Christmas card when you can make one and send it online for free?
That created a problem for the Christmas Seal Foundation, because people traditionally added some Christmas Seals on the Christmas card. But no Christmas Card, no seals.
That has been fixed now. For the past number of years you can add digital Christmas Seals to your digital Christmas Card - and we are all happy again. :D
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