Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 33: July 2009 - March 2010

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She looks absolutely amazing.
And it's indeed Valentino Haute Couture from the last season.
Charlotte is in Villeneuve now for the Villeneuve Loubet Tour. Well, she was there for last week, which was the first week, and now we're in the secon week. They are competing today but the results aren't posted yet. Last week Char and a chestnut warmblood named Troy were on the books to compete in competiton #9, of Friday, Day 2, but they were eliminated. Athina is there too and she had some good results. Athina rode her newest horse, Tomboy, which was exciting. she took a total of 18 points. We'll see if Charlotte catches up to Madame O de Miranda. :D
Yes indeed, welcome! Hope you have great time here. :flowers:
Pics 9.3.2010

Welcome, PW♥CC and enjoy your time at the forums! :)

Here are the newest pics of Charlotte, taken yesterday in Paris:

Charlotte Casiraghi and boyfriend Alex Dellal bundle up for a
day in the chilly Parisian weather, France, March 9, 2010:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** zimbio **
They go sincronized (sp?) both are in blue :lol:
I think these pictures are also from yesterday. I found them on the FashionSpot Char's thread.

Thanks a lot for posting! They can't be from yesterday, as the first
pic is scanned from the printed version of Paris Match, the second
one is from the Paris Match site, so I guess they are from last week.

Charlotte attended the annual dinner of "Les amis du Musée national
d’art moderne" (the Friends of the National Museum of Modern Art) in
Oh, i was wrong then, yes.. it seemed really strange to me, too:p
Today I red onVanity Fair an article about the 2011 Pirelli calendar. I found out that Karl Lagerfeld will be to achieve and in an interview he said he would like Charlotte as a model ... that would be great!!:ROFLMAO:
Charlotte would be a great upgrade from the underaged girls Terry Richardson used for his Pirelli. But I don't think Caroline would let Charlotte.
Karl is dreaming....Charlotte is captivating, but unless it's highly controlled and tasteful (no nudity), I can't imagine there would be any way she'd pose for such a calendar. I could see decide to walk in a Chanel show before doing something like this. We know the Pirelli calendar is exclusive and quite an honor, but I just don't see it.... IMHO
I agree Horseygal.. I thin that Char wouldn't like his idea.. It is very kind of him but i don't think Char is keen on this..
But we should never say never:whistling:
A calendar is not necessarily something to be turned off by. It is when it's shot by Terry Richardson. Karl's photographing are by all means boring and not interesting at all. Have any of you seen the latest Chanel ed with Claudia, Baptise and Freja Beha? Booooring.
The Pirelli calendar pictures are usually meant to be sexually charged, which is why I just cannot imagine Charlotte agreeing to pose - but, if Karl's idea is to make it more artistic (like something out of W mag), then maybe....but, I don't think the recipients of the calendar will be happy.....
I don't think the buyers are waiting for someone like Charlotte. She's very beautiful, but not a leggy model
I agree - I know both Caroline and Charlotte seem to have formal shots taken over the years, but I wonder if Caroline would view Karl as "using" Charlotte, if she were to agree to the calendar - since she's an adult, she doesn't need her mother's permission, but I wonder if Caroline would be annoyed. Karl has access to any model he wants, so I cannot imagine he needs Charlotte to do this....seems he's always trying to push her in the direction of modeling - which, if she wanted to, she obviously could and would....seems she's not interested...
Karl has his own clique of favorite models anyway. You can expect to see Abbey Lee, Claudia, Lara, Freja Beha, Daria and a few others feutured.

Now a Vogue cover and/or shoot would be something to look forward to.
I thought Andrea was Stefano at first. :ohmy: On another note, Char and Caroline look lovely.

P. S. I would absolutely love to see Charlotte walk in a Chanel show! That would be awesome! And I don't think she needs her mom's permission to do anything anymore, she's grown. Besides, Caro has always struck me as the type of woman who would let her kids find their own way rather than "limit" them, for lack of a better word. That said, I sincerely doubt and hope with all my might that Charlotte would NEVER do anything with Terry Richardson. That man's work is absolute SLEAZE.
This Vogue Paris April issue would have been a great choice to include her. The eds are all about royalty. Comtesse Natasha, Tsarine Daria, Princesse Natalia, Baronne Anja,
I don't think Charlotte would ever seriously model.Sure she is flattered by the idea, but I'd reckon Maman has had a serious talk with her about it.She loves attention but wouldn't dream of actually doing it, I'm positive.
The only way I could see Charlotte agreeing to do a modeling gig would be if there was some benefit to a charity, such as something supported by a family member, or to one of her own projects, or a friend's project that she believes in. And I feel sure she would not do anything distasteful. I think she would insist on her own terms. It would be, IMHO, "We're doing this my way or the highway." That's just my two cents.
Why on Earth we can't leave modeling to those models who have to live with that job? Char is sure happy with her life and doesn't want to change it with starting modeling!?
Celebs dominate the magazines aswell. And they're not half the model-esque that Charlotte is.
And why not? Stephanie dit it. It's good commercial for Monaco (Vogue is no Cosmopolitan) and it could help her journalism career aswell.
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