Baby for Zara and Mike

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Any news about Zara's baby? When is she due? Can't wait!
I'm wondering if she's being induced or they know something we don't;

Royal Central ‏@RoyalCentral 43m
Interest is mounting in the imminent birth of Zara Phillips’ first child. @Daybreak are outside the Gloucester hospital where she’ll be soon

Royal Central ‏@RoyalCentral 40m
Whilst the child will have no royal title, it will be 16th in the line of succession to the throne & become The Queen’s 4th great-grandchild
So is she in labour? I knew that the baby would have come these days
You're right Marty91charmed this is a small translation error!
How do we know she's in labour? No one is talking about it :-(
We don't know she is in labour, the english twitter comments just mentioned a television "news" report was waiting at the hospital for Zara to arrive.

Apparently according to daybreak, the show that referred to Zara as one of Diana's children, she's due to give birth today at Gloucester hospital.
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We've known that for a while, there's nothing to suggest she's at the hospital now.
None of the royal correspondents are tweeting about it at all.
Ok, so when's that baby girl Michaela Phillipa coming out? Lets see if I can be wrong 3 for 3!
Dunno, but by that stage I was ready to get on a trampoline to get it over with! Good Luck Zara. We're pulling for you...or should I say pushing for you?
Is this a false alarm?

There's no alarm, similar to paprazzi arriving for Catherine some reporters are parking up at the Royal Gloucester. Apparently they have an "insight" that today was Zara's due date.
To paraphrase that oft-heard remark of children anxious to get to their destination: "Is she there yet?" ;)
No, for all we know she could be due at the end of January. There has been no mention of Zara's pregnancy since this morning's tweet.

If her due date is at the end of January and she's two weeks late, we could have a Valentine's Day baby! Or if it's born on the 15th, that would complete the 3-month cycle of babies born on that day of the month; all we're missing is February (Anne: August; Peter: November; and Zara: May).
Baby could be born on the 15th, although I think the 16th. If any later it might be a 9LB baby or larger.
I hope for Zara's sake that the birth is sooner rather than later. Regarding the weight, I think heavier is better for the child but I hope for an easy delivery regardless.
I think its going to be a big baby too.
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