A Boy for Zara and Mike Tindall!

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Great news! It seems Zara and Mike are expecting their third child!

Mike announced on his podcast The Good, The Bad & The Rugby:

** dm article: 'Third Tindall on the way': Zara Tindall is pregnant with her third child, husband Mike announces on his podcast **

Wow, sounds that way. Lockdown baby boom alert.

Congrats to them. I assume everything is looking good. Fingers really crossed for them. I haven't listed to the podcast and I wonder which scan that was because would they announce it at just three months with their history?
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Well, this is certainly good news and a lovely surprise. After losing two babies through miscarriage, I never thought they would have any more. I wish them well, and I hope it is a little boy for them.
Wonderful news!!! I pray all goes well with the pregnancy.

The Queen must be thrilled! 2 great grandbabies expected next year!
Delighted ! A bit of sunshine in all that sad period !
That's good news! I hope everything goes well.
Brilliant news!!! Congratulations to Mike and Zara Tindal! Hope everything goes well :)
Wonderful news for Zara and Mike,really delighted for them.
Aww what lovely news. What a baby boom for the royals in 2021.
Happy news!!!!!!
I hope they will have a good pregnancy.
And duedate mentioned?
Wonderful news and congratulations to the Tindall family!
Great news. Congratulations to Zara and Mike. A successful pregnancy to come and maybe a little boy this time!
What a lovely surprise! Congrats to the happy parents-to-be. I didn't think they would have a third child, but am thrilled to learn that I was wrong.
Wonderful news!

When do scans normally take place in the UK? In the Netherlands it's around 12 weeks and around 20 weeks if I'm not mistaken.
How lovely ! I am delighted for both of them, and for their families !

I completely didn't expect that!

Congrats to parents, big sisters, grandparents and gerat-grandparents!:britflag2:???????
Wonderful news!

What wonderful news! I have to admit this came as quite the surprise to me as I thought they were done, but I’m sure they’re all very excited. Perhaps they’ll have a boy this time!
Unexpected but wonderful news ! :flowers:
Congratulations to the couple!
Wonderful news!

When do scans normally take place in the UK? In the Netherlands it's around 12 weeks and around 20 weeks if I'm not mistaken.
With Zara's history it's possible that they won't really stick to the standard time-frame for scans, so it's a guessing game :flowers:
I'd say she's definitely past 12 weeks now, though, as they probably wouldn't announce it earlier.
Many congratulations to the couple, and all the very best for a safe pregnancy and birth.
Congratulations to the couple!!
This is such happy news for these two given what they experienced!
Oh, how wonderful news! I always love to see the Tindall family out and about ?
What great news. Hope everything goes OK. I wish them the best. Now we still need news of Pss Beatrice and Lady Kingston.
This is lovely news!

Scans usually take place at 12 weeks and 20 weeks, but some people, especially if they've had problems with pregnancy in the past, pay for extra scans at other times.
Oh, just shortly after my own duedate.
Having had two miscarriages myself, I know how they feel. Extra scans can't change an outcome, but do só much in reasuring the parents that things are still going well.

Congratulations, SLV!:flowers:
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