Birth of Princess Alexandra and Nicolas Bagory first child: Victoire

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Jan 9, 2013
Congratulations to the happy parents :flowers:

Wonderful news at Christmas!
Absolutely wonderful news!!!
That's great news! Many congratulations to the parents-to-be and their families! ?;:flowers:
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Congratulations to the couple!
Congratulations to the couple!
Magnificent news! The happiest days are when babies are born!
They will probably have their first child around the time of their first wedding anniversary, which will be so wonderful!?
Lovely news! I am happy for Alexandra. There is something about Mr. Bagory that rubs me the wrong way. I hope in time I'm proven wrong and they will have a lifetime of happiness.
Any information so far?
It's a girl!!!!!
Congratulations to the couple and wider family!

The name Victoire immediately clicks as being a fitting name. Not necessarily a Nassau 'family name' but still a (French) traditional name - not uncommon (especially as 'Victoria') in royal circles.
Congrats to the family! Finally after 10 years another girl in the GDF.
Victoire is a lovely name, wondering if she has any middle name but maybe not. She isn't a princess after all so they may have chosen simplicity
Finally another girl! My happy congrats to the family!!!
Victoire Bagory is 9th and the first non-royal in Luxembourg's line of succession.

The top-10 is currently fully occupied by Henri's descendants:
1. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg (1981; eldest son of Henri)
2. Prince Charles of Luxembourg (2020; eldest son of 1)
3. Prince Francois of Luxembourg (2023; second/youngest son of 1)
4. Prince Felix of Luxembourg (1984; second son of Henri)
5. Princess Amalia of Nassau (2014; daughter of 4)
6. Prince Liam of Nassau (2016; eldest son of 4)
7. Prince Balthasar of Nassau (2024; second/youngest son of 4)
8. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg (1991; daughter of Henri)
9. Victoire Bagory (2024; daughter of 8)
10. Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg (1992; fourth/youngest son of Henri)
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Congrats to parents and grandparents!

Welcome to the world, Victoire Bagory!
Congratulations to Princess Alexandra and Nicolas. Victoire is a lovely name for their little one.
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Yes!! Finally another much needed little girl in the Grand Ducal family to keep pretty little Amalia company!😉

And I must admit I am completely surprised by "Victoire" but it's a pretty name and I like it.
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