Moroccan King Participates in ‘One Planet Summit’ in Paris

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King Mohammed VI of Morocco, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, took part in the One Planet Summit held Tuesday December 12 in Paris.

The participation of King Mohammed VI at this summit confirms his “strong commitment to the preservation of the environment”, a commitment that was also noticeable on the occasion of COP22, his presence in the Summit and his unflinching commitment to the African continent development were highlighted at the opening of this global event attended by more than 50 world leaders at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron.

“We thank HM King Mohammed VI who proved, through his presence in this opening session, his commitment to the climate cause via the organization of the COP22, his leadership for sustainable development in the African continent and an ambitious program for renewable energy development,” said the moderator of the opening session.

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The moderator also underlined that the presence of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan is a strong signal of youth commitment to defend the future of the planet, the participation of Prince Moulay Hassan in the summit also marks his first steps on the international scene and was welcomed by international officials.

The 14-year-old Prince, who traveled with his father for an official visit for the the first time, also attended a luncheon offered by President Macron in honor of state leaders taking part in the summit, he was “with no doubt the youngest between the guests,” said French magazine Paris Match.

The summit, which is organized jointly by France, the United Nations, and the World Bank in partnership with non-governmental organizations, will mark the second anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Gathering more than 50 heads of state and government in La Seine Musicale, the main focus of the summit, which will revolve around “Climate Change Financing,” is to take further action on the financial front of the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

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