Queen Sofia's Current Events Part 2

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Queen Sofia's Current Events, Part Two
Commencing November 2021

This thread is for all solo events undertaken by Queen Sofia of Spain



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Today, November 5, Queen Sofia received representatives of the Dignity and Justice Association who presented her with the Association's Gold Medal:

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Queen Sofia viewed the exhibition 'The Codex of Alfonso X The Wise' at the Royal Library of El Escorial Monastery in El Escorial village, Madrid, for the 800th anniversary of the birth of Alfonso X, today, November 23:

** casareal photos ** casareal ** rex gallery **
This evening, November 23, Queen Sofia attended the concert „In Memoriam" in Madrid in honour of the General Brigade General of Military Music Don Francisco Grau Vergara:

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Here's a video of queen Sofia from the Concert at Church of Santo Domingo de Ibiza.

This evening, January 8, Queen Sofia attended a charity concert on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Cáritas Spain:

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Princess Irene in the background as a constant support to her sister the queen.
Queen Sofia presided over the 40th anniversary of Iñigo Alvarez de Toledo Foundation and the Foundation's science awards in Madrid today, February 17:

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Here's another video of queen Sofia from the Ibero-American Patronage Awards ceremony
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