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Oct 4, 2004
New thread for posting old and new photos of the Mikasa family. The Mikasa family consists of Prince Mikasa, Princess Yuriko, Prince Tomohito, Princess Nobuko, Princess Akiko, and Princess Yohko.
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Photo of Prince Tomohito of Mikasa's visit to the Aichi Expo on June 23 to the British Pavillion
From Yomiuri news


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#1: (Photo from Corbis) Wedding photo of Prince Mikasa and Princess Yuriko
#2: (Photo from Yomiuri news) Their wedding on Oct 22, 1941.


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Various photos of Prince Tomohito's family from Newscom

#1: British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie (L) smile as they walk in the snow to open Festival UK'98 at the British Embassy in Tokyo January 12. The festival is designed to introduce British culture to the Japanese people. The woman following them at right is Princess Nobuko, wife of Emperor Akihito's cousin, Prince Mikasa.

#2: Japanese Princess Tomohito of Mikasa attends the congress of the Japanese Red Cross Society May 16, 2001 at the Meiji-jingu hall in Tokyo.

#3: Princess Akiko (L), daughter of Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, returns to Japan on Aug. 17 after studying eight months at Merton College at Oxford University in Britain.

#4-5: Her Imperial Highness Princess Tomohito of Mikasa attends the opening of an historical exhibition celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Japanese Red Cross Society on August 19, 2002 at the head quarters of the Japanese Red Cross in Tokyo, Japan.

#6: Japanese princess Tomohito Shinnohi Akiko enjoying the competition at the 13th FIS World Cup Nordic Combined in Sapporo Japan, Sunday 25 January 2004.


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Photos from Yomiuri News of Princess Yasuko (now a commoner after marriage)

Princess Yasuko is the eldest daughter of Prince Mikasa and Princess Yuriko.
These photos of Yasuko are the events following up to her wedding.
#1-2: July 28, 1965-Photo of her and her fiance
#3: March 7, 1966
#4-5: Dec 13, 1966-Wedding Day
#6-7: Dec 18, 1966-Press Conference after wedding and wedding reception


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Photo from Yomiuri Press of Princess Masako (now a commoner)

Princess Masako is the 2nd daughter of Prince Mikasa and Princess Yuriko
This photo is taken on her wedding day on Oct 14, 1983.


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Various photos of Prince Mikasa and Princess Yuriko
#1-4, 6-7: Photos from Yomiuri News
#1: July 12, 1942.
#2: Aug 8, 1942.
#3: Aug 17, 1956.
#4: Apr 13, 1959-Prince Mikasa and Princess Yuriko attending a wedding recption of the then Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko
#5: Prince and Princess Mikasa of Japan, and their daughter, Princess Yasuko, visited the District of Columbia Chapter of the American Red Cross here on September 23rd, 1965. (Photo from Corbis)
#6: Prince Mikasa's residence when it was newly built on Nov 12, 1970.
#7: Sept 9, 1997.


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Various photos of Prince Tomohito and Princess Nobuko from Yomiuri News

#1: Prince Tomohito during an interview in June 16, 1972.
#2: May 22, 2001
#3-4: Prince Tomohito and Princess Nobuko watching rugby on Sept 13, 2003.
#5: Both of them leaving the airport heading towards Turkey on Oct 1, 2003.


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Prince Mikasa's book as an Orientalist


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prince Mikasa with the champion of the convention(cup of Mikasa) of ice skating. in 2004.

princess Nobuko and her first daughter princee Akiko (2002or2003)


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GIFU, JAPAN - SEPTEMBER 4: Prince Tomohito of Mikasa attends at the World Rowing Championships at the Nagaragawa International Regatta Course in Gifu on September 4, 2005 in Gifu, Japan. (from Getty Images)

princess Akiko Mikasa visited Aichi Expo. 31 July, 2005.


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Prince and Princess Mikasa visiting Shimane Prefecuture on Oct. 6, 2005.
#1: Yomiuri news

Prince and Princess Mikasa at an event on Oct. 7, 2005.
#2: Yomiuri news


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Prince Mikasa will turn 90 years old on Dec. 2, 2005.
He is the younger brother of Emperor Hirohito.
Prince Tomohito photographed at an interview at his own residence in the Akasaka Estate on Dec. 18, 2005.

#1: Mainichi news

Prince raps panel for rushing to allow female monarchs: magazine
Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, cousin of Emperor Akihito, has criticized a government panel on imperial succession for rushing to propose allowing female monarchs in Japan, according to a Japanese monthly magazine scheduled to go on sale Tuesday.
The prince suggests in an article in the February edition of Bungei Shunju that the panel should explore other options such as reinstating the royal status of imperial branch families and said there is "no need to immediately" come to a decision.
The advisory panel to Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi proposed on Nov. 24 allowing females and their descendants to ascend the throne, given that no male heir has been born into the royal family for the last 40 years, while ruling out having former imperial branch family members return to royal status. Prince Tomohito's remarks could raise eyebrows again after his controversial views, which came to light several weeks before the panel's recommendation, prompted Grand Steward of the Imperial Household Shingo Haketa to express concern.....................


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I suppose there's some reason in his mind why empresses marrying commoners is unacceptable but emperors marrying commoners is OK. Some of these people need to learn a bit of basic biology.
Imperial Household Agency chief concerned over prince's remark
Imperial Household Agency chief Shingo Haketa expressed concern Thursday about remarks made by Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, a cousin of Emperor Akihito, criticizing a government panel on imperial succession that proposed allowing females and their descendants to ascend Japan's imperial throne.
Haketa told a press conference he "cannot help but be concerned as various remarks have emerged since the beginning of this year," and added, "Frankly, I'm really not sure how to react."...................
#1: A photo of Mr. Sen on Jan. 7, 2006. serving tea during a tea ceremony
#2: Mr. Sen, the son-in-law of Prince and Princess Mikasa served tea to the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi during a tea ceremony on Jan. 16, 2006.
Mr. Sen is the husband of the former Princess Masako of Mikasa.


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Prince Tomohito of Mikasa was admitted into a hospital in Tokyo on Jan. 26 because of a cold. He'll be released from the hospital in 2 to 3 days.
News from JIJI press

Prince Tomohito of Mikasa was released from the hospital on Jan. 31 after being admitted to a hospital in the Harbour Ward in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area on Jan 26 due to a cold.
From Mainichi news
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Emperor’s cousin: Don’t consider Crown Princess Masako’s woes in Japan succession row

TOKYO: A cousin of Emperor Akihito has said Japan should not consider the woes of Crown Princess Masako, who is under pressure to bear a male heir, in a dispute over allowing a female monarch.

Masako’s only child is four-year-old Princess Aiko, who cannot ascend the throne unless the current male-only succession law is changed.

But Prince Tomohito told Wednesday’s Sankei Shimbun: “It would be troublesome to make a decision by going down to the level of recognizing that ‘Princess Aiko is adorable’ or ‘Princess Masako would be freed from the pressure to produce an heir.’”...........................
mandyy said:
Prince Tomohito told Wednesday’s Sankei Shimbun: “It would be troublesome to make a decision by going down to the level of recognizing that ‘Princess Aiko is adorable’ or ‘Princess Masako would be freed from the pressure to produce an heir.’”...........................

I agree him in this point.
Prince Tomohito to have surgery Mon. for throat cancer
(Kyodo) _ Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, a cousin of Emperor Akihito, has developed cancer in the throat and will undergo surgery Monday at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, the Imperial Household Agency said Tuesday.
The 60-year-old prince was diagnosed as having an early stage of cancer...................

Video links in Japanese
#1: ANN news video-
#2: NHK news
TBS news video-


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Prince Tomohito's surgery for throat cancer postponed

(Kyodo) _ An operation for throat cancer that Prince Tomohito of Mikasa was scheduled to undergo on Monday has been postponed, as more detailed examinations are necessary, the Imperial Household Agency said Thursday. The 60-year-old prince, a cousin of Emperor Akihito, will stay at a National Cancer Center hospital in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, where doctors will set a new date for the surgery after the examinations.
Cousin of emperor undergoes cancer operation successfully
(Kyodo) _ Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, a cousin of Emperor Akihito, had an operation on Tuesday to remove throat cancer at Kyorin University Hospital in western Tokyo, the Imperial Household Agency said........................

Prince Tomohito undergoes cancer operation successfully
..................Prince Tomohito is "in good condition" after surgery, Toeda said.
A cardiologist also attended Tuesday's surgery because Prince Tomohito had received treatment for an irregular heartbeat, Kyodo News agency said.
Prince Tomohito was to stay in the hospital for about two weeks before leaving hospital, Toeda said.....................

Video news link about the surgery (Expires Soon)
#1: FNN news-
#2: NNN news-


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Prince Tomohito is expected to resume his official duties in April.
Reported by Kyodo news

Prince Tomohito was released from hospital on March 14 after being hospitalized on throat cancer. From Mainichi news
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Kunaicho have put up some new photos in the profile of Prince and Princess Mikasa

Photo from Kunaicho
This was the photo taken to celebrate the 90th birthday of Prince Mikasa on Dec. 2, 2005. Their daughters are also in this pic. Here you can see their granddaughters (Princess' Akiko, Yohko, Ayako and Noriko) and great-grandson (the baby) in the front row


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Prince Tomohito hospitalized again for slight breathing problem
The 60-year-old prince, who successfully underwent an operation to remove throat cancer in February, had been feeling tired after having fully resumed his official duties in April, according to the agency....................The prince will stay at the National Cancer Center Hospital East in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, for about a week for checkups. He will cancel his visit to Aichi Prefecture scheduled for Friday to Sunday..............
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World Rose Convention opens in Osaka
...........Princess Yoko, the second daughter of Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, attended this year's convention......................

Princess Nobuko of Mikasa is the Honorary Patroness of The Japan Rose Society
Organizing Structure for the World Rose Convention 2006 in Osaka
Honorary President
More info in the link below and you can see her signature there

Below is a photo of Princess Nobuko from
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Article from Kyodo news

信子さまの帰京さらに延期 寛仁さま近く検査のため
(共同通信) - 5月15日17時2分更新​
Princess Nobuko is going to delay her return to Tokyo from Nagano Prefecture where she is recupurating from her sickness due to Prince Tomohito's condition at the moment.
Prince Tomohito in Nara Prefecutre delivering a speech on May 22, 2006.

From Nara Shimbun


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