Luxembourg Marks National Day

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The Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family yesterday marked the country’s official national day, with celebrations in the capital.

A Te Deum mass was held this morning at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg City, attended by Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Prince Félix, Princess Alexandra, and Prince Louis and Princess Tessy. Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich led the Te Deum, which included choral music by the Cathedral choir led by Antonio Grosu and Paul Breisch.

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The service ended witha 101 gun salute at the Fetschenhof in honour of Grand Duke Henri’s official birthday.

A military parade down the Avenue de la Liberté followed the Te Daum, with the Grand Ducal Couple and their eldest son watching on as over 700 members of the Grand Ducal Army and emergency services marched past them. Grand Duke Henri and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume also participated in a review of the guard at the beginning of the parade.

National Day 2012 will be marked in the history books as the day that the Grand Duchy adopted equal primogeniture for the line of succession. In future, beginning with the grandchildren of Grand Duke Henri, the first-born child of the heir/monarch will succeed to the throne.

This means that regardless of its sex, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy’s first child will one day become the Sovereign of Luxembourg.

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