Crown Princess Mathilde visits an UNICEF project

  April 17, 2012 at 3:29 pm by

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On April 17, Princess Mathilde visited the communal primary school of Wezemaal in her capacity as Honorary President of UNICEF Belgium.
Princess Mathilde visits the school on the occasion of the ‘Day of Change’ (Dag voor Verandering).
In this day UNICEF Belgium asked to the students to use their imagination and change,for a day, the habits of the class to understand the experiences of children who live an emergency situations.
The purpose of the “Day of Change” is to sensitize children and encourage them to work for the rights of the child. Every year UNICEF choose a different country and theme. This year was chose Uganda, where UNICEF use sport and play to improve the health and happiness of children and to help childrens who are orphans, with disabilities child refugees and children left homeless by conflict.
Princess Mathilde since 2005 is UNICEF and UNAIDS Special Representative for Children and AIDS and in 2009 became the Honorary President of UNICEF Belgium.

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