Triple Treat: Dutch Photo Session by the Sea

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A trio of blonde-haired, denim-clad little girls frolicked on a Wassenaar beach yesterday, with a protective eye cast over them by their parents. This could describe any normal family, but with a pack of approximately ninety photographers, videographers and reporters watching their every move; it is clear that normal this family is not.

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The Prince of Orange, Willem-Alexander, and his wife Princess Máxima arranged a photo session with their three daughters – Princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane – as part of the summer holidays. The scenery of the beautiful empty beach surrounded by sand dunes provided a gorgeous location for the session.

The family arrived through the sand dunes; the elder girls walking ahead of their parents, Ariane on her father’s shoulders. Off came the shoes, before the girls ran ahead to play on the sand with a Dora the Explorer ball Amalia brought with them. The help of Mum and Dad was enlisted when sandcastles needed to be built, with Willem-Alexander given the job of water collector.

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While the girls played, the Prince and Princess spoke with the reporters present. Amongst other topics, the Koninginnedag accident came up. The pair said that they still thought about the accident, and while their daughters knew what happened, they had been shielded from any images.

Willem-Alexander and Máxima also told reporters that they plan to attend the religious wedding ceremony of the Prince’s first cousin, Bernardo Guillermo, in New York City in September; which happily coincides with the pair’s official trip to the US state to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Hudson Voyage which founded New Amsterdam (present-day New York).

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