Danish Crown Prince Family Photo Session in Switzerland

  February 25, 2009 at 11:30 pm by

Click on the image to see more from 'Allt om Barn'

Click on the image to see more from 'Allt om Barn'

As they do every February, the Danish Crown Princely Family have gone for a skiing holiday in Switzerland. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary allowed a quick photo session to take place with their two children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, before returning to their privacy and friends.

While the family has traditionally spent their skiing holiday in Verbier since 2002, this year the family opted for a more family-friendly skiing resort; enjoying the holiday with several of their good friends; Jørgen and Marie Louise Skeel, Peter and Caroline Heering, and Christopher Thomsen Kiær and Sofie Kirk Kristiansen; along with all their friends’ small children.

3-year-old Prince Christian gave his first “interview” to Danish newspaper BT during the photo session. He was asked what his favourite part of the holiday was, to which he replied, “Skiing. I’ve been on skis…like this,” and showed the reporters how he turns his feet inward when he breaks. Christian also said that “Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and the Hudson Hornet” were also good parts of the holiday, referring to his favourite movie Cars.

Read more about the family’s holiday, and previous ones, here.

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