Belgian Royals vote

  June 7, 2009 at 5:41 am by

Today, June 7, is Election Day in Belgium. People have to elect representatives for the European Parliament and the regional Parliaments (Flemish, Wallonian, Brussels Parliaments). In Belgium, everybody is obliged to turn up at the polling station, even though we are not obliged to vote. But since we actually have to be there, most of us vote anyway. It would be quite the waste of your Sunday Morning, if you didn’t…

The members of the Belgian Royal family are not exempt from this civil duty, all have to come to one of the Laeken polling stations to vote. All except the King, who may choose not to vote, as he is supposed to be above politics. Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde enjoyed a lively chat at their polling station this morning.

For more information about Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe, see this thread.
For more pictures, see this belga gallery.

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  1. Angela says:

    I find the idea that every one is obligated to turn up at a polling station but is not olbigated to vote very odd. But I do like to see the royals voting! I always imagined that being royal meant one had to be above politics and didn’t have the right to vote. Glad to see that’s not true!

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