Prince and Princess of Asturias to Visit Colombia and El Salvador

  May 25, 2009 at 7:17 pm by

Tomorrow, May 26, Prince Felipe and Princess Letiza will leave Madrid to begin a four-day official visit to Colombia upon the invitation of its President, Alvaro Uribe.

Their Royal Highnesses will arrive on Tuesday 4:00pm at Bogotá where President Uribe and his wife, Lina Moreno, will host a welcome dinner in their honour. During their stay, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, most of the time accompanied by the Presidential couple, will visit Bogotá’s Town Hall, the Courthouse and the Capitol, where they will have a meeting with representatives of the Parliament, and will attend some Hispano-Colombian bussines meetings. They also will meet with the Spanish community in Colombia and have lunch with Colombian intellectuals.

On Friday, May 29, Prince Felipe, Princess Letizia and President Uribe and his wife, will travel to Medellín to inaugurate the “V International Congress on Victims of Terrorism.” The Congress, whose Honour Committee is presided over by the Princess and the Princess of Asturias, is organized by the Victimas Visibles Foundation and the Sergio Arboleda University under the slogan, “Colombia has right to the truth and to take memory.” The main goal of the Congress is to be a forum where the voice of the victims of terrorism can be heard and to enourage the powerful institutions of society to give victims the recognition they deserve.

According to the official program of the visit to Colombia which was released by the President Uribe press office, on Saturday, May 30, Felipe and Letizia will leave Colombia for El Salvador. Although the trip has not been officially announced by the Royal House, we know that the Prince and the Princess will be in El Salvador to attend the inauguration of the new President, Mauricio Funes.

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